A display from the Odyssey Flyball Club was one of the delights of the Goodwoof arena, at the dog focused event held a few weeks back at Goodwood Estate.

Marble the patterdale whippet is off the ground as he performs the turn
Marble the Border Whippet warms up and practices the turns which demand split second timing Photo credit: Hilary Larkham

Kate’s on holiday this week, so sends us from Cornwall an interview with Hilary Larkham of the Odyssey Flyball Club in Andover – the nearest to us in Petersfield. They race throughout the summer all over the country.

Although you can see flyball at Crufts every year, this emerging, wildly exciting sport – a relay race over obstacles is not so well known outside doggy circles!  

Veteran flyballer Hilary Larkham explains to Dogs with Jobs presenter Kate Fairweather what flyball is all about, how it came the UK and why precision timing is just as important as speed in this high octane, four dog relay race.

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