Six year Ninja is probably the best known proponent of “barkour” (parkour for dogs) in the world. Owner and handler Dominik Arend used to teach parkour to children in his native Germany, but Ninja and he now work professionally.

Border collie Ninja stands on the back of his handler, Dominik, who wears a black tee shirt and is smiling. Kate Fairweather looks up at Ninja, she is laughing.
Ninja and Dominik Arend with presenter Kate Fairweather at Goodwoof in May 2024

Parkour, also known as free-running or l’art du déplacement (art of movement) originated in France and is a discipline, which demands both athleticism and artistic expression. It’s counter-cultural, to the extent that proponents use and view the urban landscape differently from how its architects may have envisaged.

Dominik is eloquent and compelling on parkour, which has turned into a career for them both and how their relationship has developed over their shared working life, which clearly suits them both. 

Barkour’s popularity is such, that Ninja and Dominik have almost half a million followers on Instagram and recently found themselves performing at Goodwoof, on the Goodwood Estate in Sussex. Dogs with Jobs presenter Kate Fairweather caught up with them both backstage.

Ninja has a well earned rest after his performance in the arena, with Dominik and the boys.

Thanks to Dominik for taking time to chat ( on Instagram).

Thanks to Noni Needs (@nonineedsmedia on Instagram) for the photo.

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