We’ll keep this page updated as new information is confirmed.

Most recently updated at 2pm on Tuesday 18 June.

Who are the candidates standing here?

We now have the official list of candidates for the East Hampshire constituency. They are:

  • Damian Hinds – The Conservative Party Candidate
  • Matthew Kellerman – Reform UK
  • Richard Knight – The Green Party
  • Jim Makin – Hampshire Independents
  • Dominic Martin – Liberal Democrat
  • Lucy Sims – Labour Party
  • Sara Smith – Social Democratic Party

When is polling day?

Thursday 4 July 2024

How will I know where to vote?

Your polling station will be printed on the polling card sent to your address.

Will I need to take photo ID?

Yes – photo ID has been a requirement for all elections since May 2023.

What photo ID is valid?

A passport, driving licence, Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) cards, blue badges, and bus passes are all valid forms of photo ID. The full list is here.

I’m not registered – may I still vote?

You can register online at https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote until Tuesday 18 June 2024.

May I vote by post?

Yes if you’re very quick. If you’re already registered to vote you can apply for a postal vote until 5pm on 19 June 2024. Here’s the link.

What issues do Shine Radio listeners say matter most to them?

Listener have told us that among the issues that will determine how they vote are:

  • The cost of living
  • Providing housing and the ability to afford it
  • The increasing use of foodbanks
  • A perceived increase in inequality
  • Pollution, the environment and a move towards net zero carbon
  • Education and the prospect of it being taxed
  • Health services and recruitment of medical staff
  • Providing strong public services

If you’d like to suggest what matters most to you, you can record a voice note on WhatsApp and send it to us? Here… use this handy link https://wa.me/+441730555500

Alternatively, you can leave a message by dialling 01730 555 500.

What happened at the Petersfield hustings?

Election Questions Petersfield's Shine Radio Petersfield Post St Peter's Petersfield

The Petersfield ‘Election Questions’ event took place at St Peter’s Church on Tuesday 11 June.

Candidates standing in East Hampshire at the general election took questions from Shine Radio listeners and other members of the local community.

The programme is introduced by Claire Vennis and chaired by the Reverend Canon Will Hughes.

You can hear it in full here:

What happened at the last General Election here?

Comparisons with 2019 come with a health warning: the constituency boundaries have changed since then as you’ll see below.

a colourful pie chart showing the percentage share of vote won in East Hampshire by the parties. More than half of it is blue, representing the Conservative Party win. The next biggest slice is Liberal Democrat yellow.

The Conservative party candidate, Damian Hinds, was elected to serve. He won 58.8% of the vote and a majority of just under 20,000 votes.

The Liberal Democrats finished second with a 24.2% share and Labour came in third place with 11.1%. The Green Party candidate polled 4.6% of the vote and two minor parties polled less than 1.5% between them.

The biggest changes in 2019 compared with the 2017 election were a 9% uplift in Liberal Democrat support, a 5.9% fall in Labour votes and a 4.9% drop in Conservative support.

Turnout in 2019 was 74.4%.


Is the area the same this time?

No. Boundary changes mean the East Hampshire constituency is not the same as that at the last General Election in 2019.

It no longer includes Bordon, Greatham or Liphook which have been lumped together with Farnham.

New bits have been bolted on to the South of Petersfield and nearly as far North as Basingstoke. Clanfield, Finchdean, Blendworth, Horndean and Rowlands Castle are now part of the East Hampshire constituency, matching the East Hampshire District area.

Villages between Basingstoke and Alton are also added to the patch. Welcome to you if you’re in Axford, Dummer and Preston Candover.

East Hampshire 2024 GE constituency. Copyright Ordnance Survey. Used under the terms of the Open Government Licence.

What happens if I live outside East Hampshire?

Places around Greatham, Rogate, Nyewood, Milland and South Harting are part of Shine Radio’s area, the Petersphere, but not in the East Hampshire constituency.


You’re in the new Farnham and Bordon constituency.

We now have the official list of candidates for the Farnham and Bordon constituency. They are:

  • Gerrard Hall – Reform UK
  • Don Jerrard – Hampshire Independents
  • Alex Just – Labour Party
  • Claire Louise Matthes – The Green Party
  • Gregory Stafford – The Conservative Party
  • Khalil Yousaf – Liberal Democrats

Rogate, Milland, Nyewood and South Harting

You’re in a new constituency called Arundel and the South Downs.

We now have the official list of candidates for the Arundel and the South Downs constituency. They are:

  • Richard James Allen – Liberal Democrats
  • Andrew Griffith – The Conservative Party
  • Carol Jane Birch – The Green Party
  • Chris Philipsborn – The Labour Party
  • Mike Smith – Social Democratic Party
  • David Thomas – Reform UK

We’ll add further information relating to these constituencies as we build this page.