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Grow your business with the power of local radio

Petersfield’s Shine Radio helps local business to grow.

We connect local business to people who care about the community and who could be your next customers.

With our broadcasting, writing and communications expertise we deliver your brand profile and promotional message to thousands of local listeners.

It’s easy to give your business a voice through the trusted relationship listeners enjoy with local radio.

Why advertise on radio?

Radio is the medium that accompanies daily life.

It provides companionship and connection. People love listening to radio in the home, on the move and at work.

But radio doesn’t just fit in with the lives of local listeners, studies show it’s also the most trusted medium of them all.

Listeners trust radio to keep them entertained, informed and in good company.

When you advertise with Shine Radio, you introduce your brand to local listeners in a positive environment that’s trusted every day.

Case study

Joe Bicknell of Hector’s Menswear explains how he’s grown his local business through advertising and sponsorship on Petersfield’s Shine Radio.

He says the Shine Radio team made it easy to get his advertisements written, produced and on air, and he talks about the reaction he gets from customers as a result.

Radio gives your brand a voice

When you advertise with Shine Radio we make it easy to get on air.

Our team guides you through the process from creative brief to finished ads.

We work with talented professional writers, directors and voice artists to bring your message to life.

You can speak directly to local listeners with creative radio advertisements like these:

Sky Park Farm

Sky Park Farm launched its local family attraction with Shine Radio

Working with the farm’s marketing team and our professional agency, Shine Radio delivered a campaign of radio ads to introduce the unique Sky Park Farm concept.

We cast child actors to express the eye-opening wonder of the destination and we created a three-note musical motif to echo the Sky Park Farm name and make it memorable.

Radio paints vivid pictures with words, voices and music like no other medium.

Ditcham Park School

Ditcham Park school needed to appeal to the parents of young children.

Shine Radio delivered a welcoming and friendly radio advertisement that explained the benefits of choosing Ditcham Park school as an entry point to a child’s education.

The voiceover and sound design echoes the safe and enjoyable environment provided by the school for young learners.

Radio is a medium that can deliver facts and convey an atmosphere simultaneously.

Hector’s menswear

Hector’s menswear really does have stylish clothes and accessories for all weathers.

Joe and Michelle wanted to promote their new store in Petersfield so they came to us.

We responded with a professionally-produced radio ad that captures the quality of the Hector’s brand and the versatility of their range, and we created a distinctive sonic nmemonic with Hector’s friendly bark.

The agreement extends to sponsorship of Shine Radio weather reports which ties in perfectly with the campaign idea.

Radio is a great medium for brand-building and keeping your business top-of-mind.

Antrobus House business centre

When Antrobus House business centre wanted to promote its solutions for post-Coronavirus working, it turned to Shine Radio.

We were able to demonstrate the affordability of its services, set against the savings you’d make by not commuting to London.

And we created a memorable strapline for Antrobus House that firmly places the team on your side as you navigate the new world of working.

Radio delivers features and benefits in a clear, persuasive voice.

Our audience

Our unique mix of local stories, local voices and local information appeals to adults and families across Petersfield and the villages.

We hand-pick familiar and bright music and our presenters bring local knowledge and a passion for the community of Petersfield.

We’re a modern digital station so we can track our monthly listening numbers, website data and social media metrics.

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Mean monthly measures. Sources: OmnyStudio, SharpStream and Google Analytics, March-August 2023. Listeners means on-demand and livestream users. On-demand data is validated to IAB standards.


We’ve made three tiered advertising packages to help you understand some great ways to use Shine Radio to promote your business.

If you need a custom approach for your campaign just give us a call.


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