The Duke of Edinburgh’s secret visits to Petersfield

Claire Vennis reports on the Duke of Edinburgh’s sole official appearance in our town and his repeated private visits to Sheet.

The Reverend Canon Will Hughes explains how you can pray for the Duke and leave your condolences in St Peter’s Church.

Susie’s Wilde Walk at Langley

A short reflection at Langley, where her foster dog typically finds a morass to cavort in and then Suzie and the dogs gaze up at a soaring red kite. The bird. Then a late afternoon addition, where Suzie visits Iceland. In her imagination, of course.

Suzie’s third book of her trilogy – Landfall is now fully subscribed. You can find out the what the story is and pre-order a copy from the publisher at:

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the P pod local personalities show – 6 April 2021

Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey with Petersfield personalities and their stories.

In this week’s P pod, Claire and Joff talk chocolate and Claire visits local artisan chocolate maker Mark Raynor at T&M Chocolates.

Shine Radio’s Kate Fairweather meets Stroud sheep farmer Andrew Snow and his sheepdogs ahead of their busy lambing season.

Suzie’s Wilde Walk involves 2 faithful friends this week and Jon Walker brings the latest news in our area with Joff at Love Lane.

We end this week’s P pod with some Sunshine from Southsea reggae band Emiliyah and the Mightyz All Stars.

Mark Raynor, T&M Artisan Chocolates
Andrew Snow and his sheepdog crew
This week’s featured local band, Emiliyah and the Mightyz All Stars

Easter Eucharist service from St Peter’s Church

St Peter’s Church dressed in Easter flowers

Celebrate Easter with a beautiful Eucharist service from St Peter’s, led by the vicar, the Reverend Canon Will Hughes.

The organist and Director of Music is Mark Dancer.

Daffodils outside St Peter’s church on Easter Day 2021

This recording has been made possible by the kind donations of Shine Radio listeners who supported our Crowdfunder appeal which raised funds for equipment that lets us relay church services in stereo broadcast sound. Thank you.

Growing Together – April 2021

After recording remotely for the last few months, Claire and Ann-Marie are happy to be back together in Ann-Marie’s garden again.

April is a busy time in the garden and, accompanied by blackbird song, they share what seeds they’ve already sown and what they’re going to sow this month.  

Ann-Marie has new arches in her garden for cobaea and squash plants to grow up and Claire discusses what small tree could work well in her garden.

With advice for colour, companion planting, seeds swaps, planting to remember loved ones and a surprise recipe, this month’s Growing Together is bursting with excitement for the coming growing season.

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Ann-Marie and Claire

Susie’s Wilde Walk with her foster dog

The Terrible Trio rest for a while at Chapel Common, where these Walks began in 2019. Suzie takes a seat in a hut made of branches and introduces their Canine Partner advanced training foster dog. There’s already sadness

Suzie’s third book of her trilogy – Landfall is now fully subscribed. Find out the what the story is and pre-order a copy at:

A new Wilde Walk airs on Petersfield’s Shine Radio every Friday and is repeated through the week.

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Generation Green – Education and the Climate Crisis

This week Meg and Sacha chat with Paul Turner and Member of the West Sussex Youth Cabinet Holly Thompson about how Education is failing us. Will learning about climate change make us kinder people?

Holly Thompson (left) with fellow Youth Cabinet member

What needs to change first for us to be able to have a better curriculum and for students to enjoy learning again?

Paul Turner sitting at computer
Environmental activist Paul Turner at his desk

Find out on Tuesday at 8pm or on demand on the website or wherever you get your podcasts
Curriculum for life:

the P pod local personalities show – 30 March 2021

Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey with Petersfield personalities and their stories.

This week, Claire speaks to award-winning garden designer Ann-Marie Powell about her new book created out of lockdown and Joff visits the Adhurst Allotments with Jon Walker to talk to Steve Amos and unexpectedly meet some very enthusiastic allotment-goers.

We bring you the latest news in the Petersphere and Suzie’s Wilde Walk is calm and Spring-like in Stansted Park.

The South Coast’s answer to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers end the show – it’s local band Colour of the Jungle and their single Steel Tray.

Shine Radio drama: The Idea of Guilt by Greg Mosse

Greg Mosse was in Dubai for the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature, and a couple of his colleagues, novelists, had recently gone into the Dubai men’s and women’s prisons as creative writing tutors. Out of that they created a book of short stories, Tomorrow I Will Fly, written by the offenders. One of the stories struck Greg very deeply, which made him consider the idea of guilt, and whether, once the punishment is complete, can the offender leave behind their own sense of guilt, or will they always carry it with them. 

Shine Radio and Doye Mosse Productions present

The Idea of Guilt by Greg Mosse

In The Idea of Guilt, Tutor is played by Paula Tinker, Offender by Gareth Williams, and Warder by Greg Mosse. Sound recording, music and Foley effects by John Gleddle


The Ticket – new arts and entertainment show

In this episode of The Ticket Laura Sheppard hands over the reins to Duke of Edinburgh volunteer, Ben Shine, who interviews the Director of Music at Churchers College about the virtual lunchtime concerts that were performed during lockdown. John Welsman talks to Amy Hearne about the 3D model she made of his retiring guide dog, Breck. And Shine Radio’s very first radio play, The Idea of Guilt, is broadcast, after Laura chats to the playwright, Greg Mosse. 

Music Credit: One Little Triumph by Blue Dot Sessions. Used under Creative Commons licence.

Mini Breck by Amy Hearne
Breck and Mini Breck

How Petersfield Community Centre is preparing to reopen

Emma Bunday, manager of Petersfield Community Centre spoke to Shine Radio’s Stephen Martin about the key dates on the road to reopening.

Emma also discusses the changes made to the facilities and operational practice at the centre and what all this has meant for her and her colleagues personally.

Money Moment with Martin Bamford

Informed Choice independent financial planners is a specialist investment company in Petersfield, which can help you make decisions about money.

Every week, Martin Bamford compiles a selection of money stories that will help you keep in touch with our changing world as you consider how best to spend and invest.

This week

Martin Bamford is back with another digest of money news to help you plan your finances, wherever you live in the Petersfield area.

This week with Martin, inflation takes a surprise dip, Asda workers get a boost from the courts, will staff really quit their jobs if forced to work from home?, a new £50 note could be in your wallet in June and Santander closes 111 branches but the Petersfield branch survives.

All with Martin Bamford and presented with Informed Choice, independent financial planners of Petersfield.

Martin Bamford

Be informed and plan for your future with the Money Moment from Petersfield Community Radio. Sponsored by Informed Choice.