Drinking with Phill and Mags

drinking with Phill and Mags

Phill Humphries and Mags Rivett

Your monthly celebration of all things quaffable.

Phill and Mags are wine enthusiasts, not to mention all the other drinks they can be found enjoying.

They bring you hints, tips, recommendations, information and a range of interviews from winemakers, vineyards, retailers and restaurants.

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Drinking with Phill and Mags – April 2022

Drinking with Phill and Mags – April 2022

This month eavesdrop on Phill and Mags as they visit two popular watering holes around town, and hear how Phill was Ambushed in Caen. We tackle some intriguing listener questions and celebrate the joy that is Sauvignon Blanc. As always we will also deliver our tips,...

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Drinking with Phill and Mags – March

Are you an ABC? March sees Mags discussing the very adaptable chardonnay - there's a wine for everyone. Phill visits the Hambledon vineyard and Camber wines, and we answer a clutch of listeners questions, give our handy tips and recommend a wine of the month. As a...

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