Left Yew For Dead

A walk that weaves a story between several local churchyards and the venerable yew tree, which is known as the 'Hampshire Weed'.

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Join Rural Strides for Left Yew For Dead. This is a gentle 7 mile walk learning all about the venerable yew. This magnificent tree is just one of 3 native British conifers, but the one with the most interesting tale to tell. In both botanical and mythological terms it is a mass of contradictions. Known locally as ‘Hampshire Weed’ for its love of our calcareous soils, the yew can often be found in churchyards. This walk, which links 3 fascinating, village churchyards all known for their historic yews, will help unravel some of the mighty tree’s mystery.

We will aim to take a coffee break in the churchyard at Upper Farringdon, which is roughly half way around our circuit.

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