Nature Wellness Walk

There is no doubt that spending more time in nature is beneficial to both mental and physical wellbeing. With this guided nature walk, unlock a new world lay itself out before you. Learn about the trees and plants that surround you, unlock the magic of mycelium and find out about how incredible the fungi kingdom is, and notice more in your environment than ever before.

The secrets of nature will be revealed with our expert leaders comprised of foragers, scientists and herbalists, giving unique perspectives on the folklore, history, uses and medicinal nature of the plants you see. Gain a new found appreciation for your environment by learning how to identify common plants, fungi and berries on your own, and how to incorporate them into your routines.

Walks will last for 3 hours and start at 9am or 1pm. No walk you take will ever be the same again.

Summary... Step into the wild and clear the mind at Queen Elizabeth Country Park

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