Renaissance Choral Masters

You're invited to join The Renaissance Choir to enjoy a concert of choral music at St Peter’s Church in Petersfield

You’re invited to join The Renaissance Choir to enjoy a concert of choral music at St Peter’s Church in Petersfield, GU32 3HS, on Saturday 1 April 2023 at 7:30pm.

You will hear a selection of the best Renaissance music from Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and England that the choir has performed over the past three years over four successive concerts in Petersfield.

Joining the choir will be a fabulous local guitarist, Zoe Barnett, who will be playing a number of works for guitar.

Zoe says, “I am really looking forward to playing with the choir again, as it has a unique sense of community and artistry which is an honour to perform alongside.”

Full price tickets: £15, including a full-colour programme. Children/students: £2.

Tickets are available from, One Tree Books (Petersfield) and on the door. Box office: 01243 379724

Renaissance Choral Masters poster 2023

Renaissance Choral Masters poster 2023

More information:

Imagine a “Greatest hits of all time” concert of classical music. Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons, the 1812 overture, Bach’s B minor mass – would they be your favourites? What would you leave out?

The Renaissance Choir faces a similar problem with their next concert. Conductor Peter Gambie was faced with an awful dilemma: which jewels to leave out of a treasure trove of stunning pieces.

Five years ago, the choir embarked on a series of the best music from the Low Countries, Spain, Italy and England, all of which have used the spine-tingling acoustic of St Peter’s, Petersfield as their backdrop. Now, the very best of these concerts has been put together for a performance on Saturday 1 April.

The music is grand, it’s spacious, it’s splendid. Written for the massive acoustic spaces of St Mark’s, Venice, Seville Cathedral and Westminster Abbey, much of the music challenges the choir by being in 8 or even 12 parts. The programme is not entirely about music, with Renaissance painters’ use of chiaroscuro (light and shade) being featured, both in sound and pictures. The choir’s sumptuously-illustrated programme features paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Velasquez, Breughel and many others as they seek to draw parallels between the two art forms.

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