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In this award-winning podcast, Noni Needs goes across the Petersphere in search of tantalising recipes to brighten-up your cooking and tickle your taste buds.

Noni loves to eat, cook, chat and have a laugh about what we put in our bellies.

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Join Noni and share your favourite recipe or your family’s secret dish.

Bronze winner for best podcast in the 2022 Community Radio Awards.


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Selina’s Squash Thai soup for Autumn

Selina’s Squash Thai soup for Autumn

From plot to table. The sap rises and you have to get out into the garden to plant in the Spring and by the autumn there’s still wonderful crops to harvest. Let’s talk squash and how to spice it up in the kitchen.

Who’s your Petersfield honey?

Who’s your Petersfield honey?

Honey fit for a Honey Show, at Sky Park Farm on 16th October. Do go along and find out all about honey and honey products.. The pressure of getting ready for a Show!