Petersfield weather

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Chapel Street, Petersfield

Today in Petersfield

The week ahead

Petersfield, UK

This indicative forecast is provided by Dark Sky and cannot always take into account Petersfield’s unique microclimate.

River levels

The current measured level of the River Rother at Borough Grove in Petersfield. A normal level is between 59.07 and 60.3m above ordnance datum.

Our local weather is unique

Nestling in the South Downs, Petersfield has its own very special microclimate.

We measure almost twice the rainfall of Portsmouth yet are protected against the cooler onshore breezes in summer.

That’s why our volunteers are inspired by local forecaster Richard Marks whose instinctive understanding of our local conditions and archive of weather observations and measurements goes back decades.

Richard Marks

A resident of Buriton and a keen meteorologist who boasts an archive of Petersfield weather records stretching back more than fifty years.

Beyond his weather observations, Richard also watches community theatre and enjoys good food, great wine and life as a father and grandfather.