Adding events to the events calendar

It’s easy to add your event to the database. Here’s how.

1. Log in

Log into the control panel of the Shine Radio website using your personal login credentials provided by email.

Profile screen (click the image for a bigger image)

On the Profile screen you can check and adjust your login information including your name and login password.

You can also change the colour scheme of the management screen if that’s important to you. This doesn’t change how the website looks to anyone else.

If you change anything on the profile screen, scroll down and click the Update Profile button. You’ll only have to do this once.

2. Create your first event

Click Events in the left hand menu and you’ll see all the events currently in the database.

If you believe your event may already be in the database you can use the Search box to check.

When you’re ready to add a new event, click the Add New button

You will now see the Add New Event screen where you can add the main information about your event.

Keep your description brief – just enough information to introduce the event and help people decide whether they’d like to go.

3. Choose a venue

Once you’ve added Title, Description, Time & Date and chosen an appropriate category you can scroll down and pick the venue for your event.

If the venue is not already in the database you can create it here too. Each new venue only has to be added once.

…and an organiser

Again, there is a list of organisers already in the database. Pick the correct one for your event or add a new organiser if it’s not already in the system.

4. Add a weblink

This is optional, but if your event has its own webpage on a different site you can link to it here.

This means you can keep your description short and to the point, while still providing further information should anyone need it.


5. Add a featured image


This image shows on the listings page – a bright, eye-catching photograph is better than complicated graphics like a flyer with loads of text on it.

Only upload images that you have the rights to use. By publishing events on our system you warrant that you will not upload unlicensed material and you agree to indemnify Petersfield Community Radio Ltd against any legitimate copyright claim over unlicensed use of the intellectual property.

6. Add the price

If you’re selling tickets, add the price here. If it’s a free event type 0 (zero) into the box.

7. Submit your event

When you’re done, click the Submit for Approval button.

One of the team at Petersfield’s Shine Radio will check your entry and publish it.

Adding new venues and organisers

Some tips

If your venue and/or organiser are not already in the database you can add them. You can either do that within the event itself (as shown above) or you can add venues and organisers separately from the links in the left hand menu.

Adding a new venue

  1. Click Venues in the left hand menu.
  2. Add a new venue…

Complete the address fields as fully as you can. The postcode drives the map display that will help people find the venue.

Leave the two tick-boxes ticked.

Click Publish to add the venue to the database.

This only has to be done once for each venue in Petersfield.

Adding a new organiser

It’s a very similar process if you wish to add a new organiser to the database. Again, this only has to be done once for each organisation.