A bonus episode of Dogs with Jobs!

Working dog expert and retired handler Jim Noble has had a long and varied career handling sporting dogs, police dogs, sniffer dogs and other specialist working dogs.

P.D. Lottie with Jim Noble and canine colleague P.D. Lock in 2003

A highlight of his long career working dogs was training a talented young bloodhound, Lottie.

In the early 2000s the Hampshire Constabulary’s Dog Unit, as it was then, invested in its first ever pair of bloodhounds, with a view to training them for missing persons cases, owing to their superior scent-tracking capabilities.

As a Police Dog handler, Jim Noble trained P.D.Lottie for nearly a year tracking individual subjects using the scent of a personal item. Their training sessions took place in Queen Elizabeth Country Park and many other favourite Petersfield beauty spots.

He tells Kate Fairweather about Lottie’s first ever deployment in 2003. The sound is a bit crackly, as the interview was conducted by telephone during the lockdown, but Jim’s pride in a superb work partner comes across loud and clear.

Lottie in tracking mode, with Jim Noble following on behind. PICTURE: MALCOLM WELLS ( 034309-189 )

Do you work your dog?

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