As an open project we like to share our listening numbers (even when they go down a bit).

This month, they’re strongly up. We believe this demonstrates a growing habit to make Shine Radio part of people’s local listening, the importance of providing a trusted source of local information at times of change and the value of companionship and connections when you’d otherwise feel alone.

On demand total listening

This measures the number of times people have listened to our on-demand audio.

April’s total is 4,969. That’s up 14% on the previous month.

Unique listeners

This is a count of the individual people (technically the individual IP addresses of the people) who have listened to Shine Radio within the month.

April’s total is 3,848. This is up 16.3% on the previous month.

This number includes both live and on-demand listening. There will be some overlap between the two. The on-demand element is verified to IAB standards.

Our website

We served web 7,606 pages to 2,861 individual users in April. These numbers are down on the previous month but coincide with a change to our primary domain name to – this will have temporarily affected indexing and search.

Social media

We’ve seen growing reach and engagement via our social media accounts this month with both Facebook and Twitter metrics on the rise. Facebook engagement was 2,192 and Twitter impression were 53,200.