Meet Debit and Dervish. These exuberant, affectionate hound puppies are five months old and live with their puppy walker, Carolyn, in an orchard in Hampshire. 

The pups arrived at 8 weeks old and will spend most of their first year with her, before they return to a local trail hunting pack, which numbers around 40 couple (80) hounds. 

Sisters Debit and Dervish have the classical look of the modern English Foxhound breed.

Carolyn has overseen the breeding of her local pack for forty years and has personally puppy walked over 100 hounds. Although their destiny is pack life, hunting trails for the local hunt, this socialisation period is a vital building block of the hounds’ development. She will introduce them to a variety of people, children, horses, farm animals, cars and farm machinery such as tractors.

The hounds wait at the first meet of the season. Their colours and coats may vary but they are physically well matched to each other and to the country they hunt in the South Downs.
Like most of the hound family, which includes Beagle and Basset hounds, English Foxhounds are gentle, affectionate and highly sociable.

Carolyn explains some of the conventions of hound ownership and gives an overview of how the UK’s 300 plus hunting packs originated, how hunts cooperate on breeding and why hounds are always given, never sold.

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