Sugar cane bollard in Petersfield
The sugar cane bollard in Petersfield

Petersfield is one of the first places in Britain to introduce a revolutionary new bollard.

The sustainable street furniture is claimed by the council to be eco-friendy.

Hampshire County Council is trialling a new plant-based bio polymer bollard. It’s made from sugar cane that absorbs CO2 as it grows. The authority says this means production of the bollards generates a negative carbon footprint. 

The bollard is described as “non-crete”, not concrete. They take very little energy to produce – and there’s one slap bang in the middle of Petersfield.

Councillor Russell Oppenheimer is behind the experimental scheme. He lives in Petersfield and will be able to keep a close eye on the new installation.

You can inspect the bollard for yourself outside NatWest on Petersfield High Street.

Bollard update

Following our report, town and district councillor Jamie Matthews has questioned why the bollard has been used instead of traditional cast iron features in Petersfield Town Centre.

His video suggests the eco-bollard is also suspiciously loose.

Bollard update 2

On Thursday, Hampshire County Council removed the eco-bollard and replaced it with the more traditional cast-iron type model.

The council has issued a statement to help clear-up all this bollard-related confusion. They say:

The non-crete bollards are being trialled in the Havant area currently – replacing concrete bollards in urban areas. A non-crete bollard was used in Petersfield as a temporary measure, until the correct black metal bollard could be installed.

Hampshire County Council

Yes – we have a picture…

A traditional sculpted bollard now stands on the High Street