There’s one part of Petersfield that now has clear traffic markings, a high quality road surface and zero potholes. Guess what – it’s a bit that’s not the responsibility of the council.

South Western Railway looks after the railway forecourt at the top of Lavant Street and adjacent to Station Road.

If you haven’t been there to see it for yourself, the train company has resurfaced the road, bus stops and roundabout area… and they’ve filled in all the potholes.

The new road markings include two pedestrian crossings which are styled like zebra crossings, one from the flower shop across to the Western side of the forecourt, and the other from the pavement at the top of Lavant Street directly to the ticket hall in the railway building.

The old roundabout, which was dilapidated and in the wrong place following changes to the kerb layout, has been replaced and moved to a more sensible location, allowing for traffic to circumnavigate the circle without clogging up the taxi rank.

Cyclists who enter the forecourt from Station Road may like to know that the road surface is now continuous and flat with the deep gullies that had formed along its edge eradicated entirely.

Shine Radio listeners have commented to us on what a good job the railway team has done and how the work contrasts with the condition of roads across the rest of Petersfield.

Over to you, Hampshire County Council.

Correction: we’ve changed our description of “Zebra Crossings” in this piece thanks to Nick Adams-King who points out they are not made to the official zebra-standard.


Thanks to South Western Railway for sharing these images of the freshly-laid surface.