A bonus edition of Dogs with Jobs! Presenter Kate Fairweather has been in New York with the day job, where she ran into a delightfully low-key, four-legged explosives detective at the busy Staten Island Ferry Terminal in Manhattan.

Meet Caboose, a yellow Labrador, on duty with his owner Michael at the Ferry Terminal from 9pm to 5am the next morning. Working with at least two other canine colleagues at any one time, he makes sure that any luggage, panniers or backpacks passing through this important transport hub are clear of explosive before their owners get on the ferry.

Caboose is on a long lead at work – Michael keeps him as relaxed as possible on the night shift.

Caboose’s handler Michael has always loved dogs. He previously worked in the U.S. marine corps as a dog handler and talks about what a working day looks like for Caboose, who is coming up to retirement. The pair work through an agency and so can be deployed anywhere, including overseas, but Caboose and Michael can usually be seen on duty at the ferry terminal.

Yellow Labardor