Shine Radio is bringing a national campaign to get people talking about the environment to Petersfield.

Community radio services from across the UK have come together to launch “Our Earth Week” between 20 and 26 November.

The initiative is designed to raise awareness of environmental issues and celebrate life on earth. It’s scheduled ahead of the international climate conference known as COP28.

Our Earth Week organiser Penny Southgate says she wants to get people talking and that encouraging involvement through community radio stations is a good way to do it.

Listen in

Through the week you’ll hear quiz questions to test your knowledge of the environment and nature plus fascinating facts about animals with whom we share our planet.

Shine Radio presenters will raise topics related to the environment and what campaigners call the climate crisis.

And every weekday, young people will share some of the sustainability issues that matter to them in Generation Green.

Meg, Sasha, Olivia, Ella and Mia cover topics from air quality to meat consumption.

Listen for Generation Green at 1.15pm, 5pm and 11pm Monday-Friday.