Our new home for Richard’s forecasts

You can now get Richard’s latest Petersfield weather forecast, together with a timeline of the day’s likely conditions and a seven day outlook at https://petersfieldradio.uk/weather

Make sure you bookmark that page.

Get Richard as a podcast

Richard’s forecasts are also available as a podcast. Just search “Petersfield Weather” on your favourite podcast app to get the latest forecast delivered to your device automagically.

What makes this forecast special?

Our regular forecasts from Petersfield meteorologist Richard Marks help you plan ahead for the conditions we experience within our unique local microclimate.

Only local meteorologist Richard Marks updates you on the latest weather conditions for Petersfield in a regular forecast that draws on his experience and expertise.

Richard’s records of measured conditions in the area stretch back for decades so he can compare today’s weather to that of the past, and because he’s focused purely on Petersfield, Richard’s forecast takes into account the unique properties of our local microclimate.

If you’re a keen amateur meteorologist you can share your weather observations and ask questions of Richard. Just email team@petersfieldradio.uk