Petersfield Bookshop celebrated its centenary in 2018

Sometimes bad things have to happen before good things can. Don’t be surprised to see that statement on a motivational poster on sale at the Petersfield Bookshop in the near future.

For that’s exactly what happened this week after Storm Brendon dissuaded shoppers from venturing too far from home. Bookseller Robert Sansom, who administers the bookshop’s Twitter account, issued a tweet summing up a historic, but disappointing day, for the 102-year-old business.

It said: “…Tumbleweed… Not a single book sold today… £0.00… We think this may be the first time ever…”

Robert Sansom inadvertently provided a huge boost for the Petersfield Bookshop

Sympathetic book lovers retweeted the poignant message and it was picked up and subsequently retweeted by world-renowned Portsmouth-born science fiction author Neil Gaiman … and that created a digital domino effect as the retweets gathered pace and the bookshop received online orders from right across the world totalling £1,000 within just a few hours.

And, following on from hundreds of orders, came dozens of calls from the world’s media …

Petersfield Community Radio’s Dave Bowers spoke with Robert Sansom about an extraordinary 48 hours.