Petersfield’s weekly news, views and interviews led by Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey, comes to you this week from the Petersfield Space on Lavant Street.

Proprietor Katie Jacobs tells you all about the Petersfield Space … and how YOU could use it. We also meet Helen Davies and Penny Blois, from the Petersfield branch of Save the Children, ahead of the Big Sale, in April. Plus, Claire, Joff and the usual panoply of hangers-on talk storms, walks, Valentine’s Day and much, much more.

This edition of the P pod was produced and edited by Dave Bowers, and featured Petersfield Community Radio volunteers Martin Bamford, Lucy Davies, Richard Marks, Stephen Martin, Harrison RB, James Robbins, Alastair Stewart, Beth Svarovska, and Suzie Wilde, plus regular VIP guest, Jon Walker, the chief reporter of the Petersfield Post.

No crisps were harmed during the making of this podcast.