Claire and Joff consider their holiday options at Meon Valley Travel
(Spoiler: Joff will be going to Swanage … Joff always goes to Swanage)

Petersfield’s weekly news, views and interviews led by Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey, comes to you this week from Meon Valley Travel, in the High Street (and they provided tea and biscuits!).

Claire and Joff are joined by Roamy Hunt, who is organising an event for expectant parents, and Nicki Lahiri and Pippa Peters, from Meon Valley Travel, who offer advice to concerned travellers in the wake of the Coronavirus.

Bringing on young and emerging talent we welcome Pepe Lacey to read the sports news, while, free from any contagions, Jon Walker gives you an inside view of this week’s Petersfield Post. Plus, regulars Martin Bamford, Richard Marks and Suzie Wilde each pop up with their popular contributions.

This week’s P pod was recorded on Monday, February 24, at Meon Valley Travel, in the High Street, and was produced and edited by Dave Bowers, with help from Petersfield Community Radio volunteers Lucy Davies, Stephen Martin and Harrison RB. Other volunteers are available …