Essential local information for Petersfield and its villages with Laura Sheppard and Jeff Price.

Send your offers of help or requests for people to help you to or telephone us on 01730 5 55 500 and we’ll pass them on to the relevant organisations and agencies.

Today, Sheridan Rocher explains how Age Concern is helping local people and how you can help them.

Information transcript

East Hampshire District Council says…

It is essential that everyone understands that smoke from burning waste will have a greater impact on neighbours who would not normally be affected by it.

This is particularly true where neighbours are either suffering from coronavirus or are having to self-isolate owing to medical conditions which put them at greater risk, such as asthma, or heart disease.

In view of the serious health implications linked to any form of burning the council requests all residents do not dispose of any waste – garden or otherwise – by burning.

Garden waste can be either composted or collected together until such time as other more appropriate disposal methods are available. Household waste and recyclable waste should be put into the respective waste bins as normal to await collection.

Simply, please be respectful towards others at this time: no loud music or noisy DIY jobs, please. We’re all in this together.

If you’ve been listening to our Morning Report regularly, you’ll know we often talk about the Petersfield Coronavirus Help Network, and you may have heard its founder, Sophie Doe, on the programme last week.

Well – surprising though it may be – not everyone in Petersfield listens to us (yet) and of course not everyone has access to the internet.

So, Petersfield Town Council has organised a leaflet drop to homes in the town so the phone number of the help network is known in every household. Some 6,000 leaflets have been printed and a team of volunteers will be getting round local streets starting this morning.

And, for the record, the phone number for the Petersfield Coronavirus Help Network is Petersfield 779 296, that’s 01730 779 296.

And if you’re looking for resources to help you through isolation the Petersfield Coronavirus Resource Hub is a website with details of services available in the local area – it’s run by Malcolm Muggeridge and he uses facts we report on this programme to help keep the information up to date.

From this week the website has a new address – it’s

Can you handle the tooth? The NHS has instructed dentists to halt all routine, non-urgent dental care, including orthodontics and community outreach programmes, until further notice. 

We tried ringing a few local practices and found that if you need urgent dental help then you need to ring your dentist as usual, but may be asked to call and leave a message on another number, so they can call you back. They will triage your symptoms over the phone and provide advice, painkillers or antibiotics.

With rapid changes to many people’s employment arrangements, house moves on hold and lots of questions about contracts and payments due, it’s not surprising that many of us may need some independent legal advice at this time.

Well, most Petersfield solicitors are providing their services as usual but many of them have closed their offices with the legal staff working remotely.

Among the local solicitors open for business are Mackarness and Lunt, Burley Geach, MacDonald Oates, and Biscoes. Check their websites for contact information.

As if you haven’t got enough on your plate already, what happens when you have a burst pipe in your home, the electricity trips or a big tree comes down across the road?

A number of Petersfield businesses and trades are providing emergency call-out services to help you through any domestic crisis. Here are a few of them who have confirmed to us that they’re operating and able to help:

Plumbing, and Tony Kimber will attend any plumbing emergencies you have, but he’s not a 24-hour service and cannot attend your home if anyone is showing Covid-19 symptoms. His number is Petersfield 265 478… 01730 265 478. 

Doug Coles is doing emergency call-outs for electrical repairs and his number is 07739 136 818. 

Sequoia Tree Services is making emergency call-outs where it’s safe to do so – you can call Matt on 01730 260 001 if you need help. Sequoia – they have branches everywhere …

And if you run a business that provides emergency call-outs in the Petersfield area and would like us to include you in our Morning Report just let us know on Petersfield 5 55 500 or email You can also give us a shout if you need to make an emergency podcast … we’re available at very competitive rates.

IT company Disking, based in Dragon St, is keeping open its channels of communication with the local community.

It is operating a small, knowledgeable team safely from its HQ in the Liphook warehouse. It’s also offering a local same-day delivery or courier deliveries using DHL Next Day. 

Items delivered by Disking are placed near your front door maintaining a safe distance to confirm safe receipt. Call 01428 724727 or email

If you need gluten-free recipes for whatever swag you’ve got left in the larder, charity Coeliac UK has put more than 1,000 free recipes on its website,  

Do you fancy Boppin? Who wouldn’t? Boppin is not your ordinary dance class, apparently, dancing only to the “freshest and funkiest songs” it says here …

And, the Petersfield Boppin school is launching Boppin TV this week, for schools in Petersfield and Bentley. The age groups are from 2½ – 5 yrs; 5 – 8; 8 – 11; 12 – 14; 15 – 18; and an adult class for over 18s.

There is a free trial period for two weeks only, starting today. Find out more by emailing or – that’s B O P P I N – or visit

The first East Hampshire Community Lottery was drawn on Saturday night and the winning numbers were 6 – 6 – 7 – 0 – 4 – 3

Congratulations to you if you matched those numbers. Three winners from the draw live in Petersfield, one in Liss and one in Langrish. Well done if that’s you – your tickets have helped to raise money for Petersfield Cricket Club, Petersfield Town Juniors, Liss Mens Shed, the Petersfield Community Centre and the Rural Refugee Network.

And if you’re buying tickets in the Community Lottery you can choose Petersfield Community Radio as your good cause. When you do that we receive 50p for every ticket you buy – and that goes towards providing this service of essential local information. Thank you for your support and good luck in the lottery. 

TPS head teacher Mark Marande, went online with school assemblies at the end of last week, on the school’s YouTube channel.

A very happy birthday to Petersfield Youth Theatre which is celebrating its 30th birthday this year. Despite having to cancel its Easter project at Bedales it’s still making plans for later in the year. It’s hoping to stage two shows in the week of September 14th: The Little Mermaid and The Sound of Music, and then, at Christmas, its production will be Elf, The Musical

Let’s say hello, now, to a few of you who got your hands on the free seeds we’ve been giving away thanks to Steve Amos, at the Adhurst Estate Allotment Association.  

The seed fairy has been dropping them onto doorsteps during her daily exercise routine. Seeds have landed with Rachel Gorvin and Vannessa Harvey, in Tilmore; Liz Wright, in Ramshill; Anna Webb, on the Causeway; and Nicola Hillyer, and Jackie Bowers, in Herne Farm. Hello to you all and do let us know how you get on growing your radio vegetables.

We have just a few packets left so give us a call if you’d like some, but do it today or they’ll be gone. Petersfield 5 55 500 – 01730 5 55 500 or email 

Time for some Thank Yous…

We talk a lot about deliveries so let’s not forget the dedication put in by courier drivers who are as much at risk as any of us.

And if you’re a carer, a worker in the NHS, in the emergency services, or supermarkets, at this time, we thank you so much for the risks you are all taking, to enable us to, hopefully, return to our normal lives once this situation has passed.


Remember folks, the only travel that’s permitted is for essential shopping, to get medical supplies or to get to work if you absolutely can’t work from home. 

The trains were in a right old mess yesterday, with single-line working and problems with level crossings north of Petersfield. Again, today, South Western Railway will run trains from Petersfield to Portsmouth and London for healthcare workers and anyone who must travel to work, with two trains an hour each way – one fast, one stopping.

Get your ticket from the machine or on the train because the ticket office at Petersfield railway station is shut.

National Express coach services have now ceased but local bus services continue to operate on most routes but with a reduced service.

And looking ahead to next week, Network Rail will be doing noisy maintenance work on the railway line through Petersfield overnight. They’ve written to residents who live alongside the line to warn them.


After a little light rain in some places, today will be bright and warm with plenty of sunshine and a just light breeze from the west.

Temperatures should climb nicely to around 15 degrees this afternoon, followed by a cool and starry night.

The week ahead promises even warmer conditions with Wednesday possibly crossing the 20 degree mark.