Noni Needs and Lucy Davies bring you essential information for Petersfield and its villages.

Also today, Lucy Lomax introduces a new writing competition you can enter from home and travel expert Nicky Lahiri answers your questions about holidays affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Send information updates or thanks to those who’ve helped you to or call 01730 555 500.

We share information with the Petersfield Coronavirus Resource Hub, the Petersfield Voluntary Care Group and other local agencies.

It’s tomorrow – get ready to stare and share

Information transcript

Hampshire Police have issued a reminder of helplines and services available to you and, in particular, to our more vulnerable members of the community.

There’s a range of support to frail residents and those who need urgent help getting food or other supplies like medication.

The main Hampshire Helpline number is 0 333 370 4000. Worth writing that down because a call there will get routed to the best agency that can help you. 0 333 370 4000.

If you’re concerned for someone who is at risk because they have underlying health issues or they’re elderly you can register them on the government’s Covid-19 support service 

The address is or you can call to register an at-risk person on  0800 028 8327.

The Police have also said thank you to the community for its response during the Coronavirus situation. They note that hundreds of individuals, groups and organisations have come forward to help but warn it’s not always easy to validate some of these groups.

There’s a big difference between a proper voluntary group working on the ground and a page on social media that might look helpful but actually designed to spread disinformation and cause you harm.

So please exercise caution in sharing your personal details with unknown people say the Police – good advice at any time.

A directory of phone numbers for organisations helping with the response is available online at, so you know who you can trust.

Inspired by the incredible efforts of Captain Tom Moore, eight-year-old Henry Grainger has decided he is going to run 26.2 miles within three weeks to raise money for the Friends Of Petersfield Hospital – a voluntary group which raises money to provide vital equipment and additional support, to inpatients and  outpatients at the hospital. 

Henry’s grandparents have volunteered for the charity for several years and as a family have used the hospital and have benefited from the work the charity has undertaken.

If you’d like to help Henry raise money to help our local hospital you can support him at

Petersfield Dark Skies Night

To coincide with the new moon on Thursday, it’s the inaugural Petersfield Dark Skies Night which was launched on this very show yesterday … it’s not always easy to make sure all the stars are available on a particular day …

The idea is we can all stare out of our windows or upwards from our gardens and explore the night sky, as we can’t explore our local area as we might choose to do normally.

Plus, of course, the stars and planets are endlessly fascinating.

Because we live in a Dark Skies area we should get one of the best views of planets and star constellations enjoyed by anyone in the UK, and, with our  weatherman Richard Marks telling us it’s going to be a good night for it, we decided we’d launch Petersfield Dark Skies Night and encourage you to take part.

The celestial form of the South Downs National Park, together with Hampshire Astronomical Group are supporting the event so put it in your diary for this Thursday night, your place, looking up. And remember to stay two meteors apart. We’re going to use that gag all week…

You can find out information about what you should be able to see on our website at

We know a lot of people who listen to Petersfield Community Radio are dog lovers so maybe you can help with this appeal. Kate Dineen has been in touch to say that her friends have had two cocker spaniel bitches taken from their home in Binsted, near Alton. 

So if you’ve seen them, or been offered them for sale online, please get in touch. One of the dogs is black, with a small white patch on its chest, and the other is lemon and white. They’re both microchipped and the owner is offering a reward of £1000 for their safe return. If you think you can help, just get in touch with us here and we’ll connect you. Call 01730 5 55 500 or email

Noni: When I was a youngster we had a show on the children’s TV hours called Jackanory – there was no separate children’s TV channel in those days. And Jackanory’s USP was that it featured an actor, or similar luminary, reading a book.

Yes, you youngsters, a show specifically produced to stimulate an interest in reading and story-telling – like an audiobook, but on video. In fact I was disappointed to learn that it ceased its run in 1996.

So I would have jumped at the chance being offered by the East Hampshire Community Rail Partnership, which, in an effort to help keep people of all ages occupied during lockdown, is looking for budding writers to share their stories or poems about a journey they have either taken by train or would like to take. 

And to tell us more about it, we welcome the Partnership’s Lucy Lomax. Hi Lucy …

[Listen to the interview for the discussion with Lucy]

Get your entry form from Lucy

Her number is 07988 043 870 and you can email

Thanks for joining us Lucy. And we’re delighted to say that local author Suzie Wilde from Petersfield Community Radio will be on the judging panel.

And, back on the information B road …

Langhams Brewery is still producing real ales using the finest quality ingredients and traditional craft skills. And, if that’s whetted your appetite, you can see its range of beers at and then order and arrange home deliveries either by email, to, or by phone on 01798 860 861. 

It also offers a drive-through service at the brewery in Langham Lane, Lodsworth, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5:30pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm, where your beer order can be brought to your car. 

It’s just released a special beer which had been reserved for a couple of local beer festivals, which are, of course, no longer able to take place.  ‘Aegir’  is a traditional, dark, malty-sweet, smoked Baltic Porter, at 7.5% – and 50p from every pint sold goes towards hospice care at Chestnut Tree House.

Dean, from The Old Drum, in Chapel Street, has been in touch to remind us it’s open 9am to 4pm Monday to Wednesday and 9 until 8pm Thursday to Saturday, for a wide range of pastries and fresh smoothies. 

During its takeaway service, between 5 and 8pm, Thursday to Saturday, it’s offering fish and chips, chicken schnitzel and fries, or the loaded Drum burger and fries. 

Call 01730 300 208 or email The team there is very grateful to everyone who is coming along every day.

If you’re interested in wildlife, check out Bird&Hedgie Telly on Facebook and Twitter.

Set up locally to provide a little back-garden entertainment for those isolating or unable to access outside spaces during these challenging times, Bird&Hedgie Telly aims to bring a little cheer to lockdown by sharing the adventures of blue tits and hedgehogs, via a birdbox camera and a night camera.  Go to Bird&HedigeTV on twitter or Bird&HedgieTelly on Facebook for your wildlife fix. 

Holidays interview

Now, if you’re a regular listener to the P pod, the weekly magazine show from Petersfield Community Radio, you’ll know we attended the Holiday Show organised by Meon Valley Travel who are based in the High St.

Over the past week or so we’ve been asking you to send us your questions on holidays and travel, to put to office manager Nicky Lahiri, and I’m delighted to say she joins us on the line now. Hi Nicky, thanks for joining us …

How are things at Meon Valley Travel right now?

[listen to the interview for Nicky’s answers]


Following the recent infrastructure enhancements at Guildford, Network Rail is undertaking follow-up works this weekend, which will again affect services in the Guildford area. 

Network Rail are also undertaking a renewal of the railway lines through Petersfield which continues until April the 26th. The work will be carried overnight and if you live near the railway it will be noisy at times.

A mechanical stoneblower – whatever that is – and thermal welding equipment is all part of the plan.

And the cute little level crossing on Kingsfernden Lane is expected to be closed for two to three nights early next week as Network Rail continues its works on the line.

On the roads, the diversion on the A272 between Petersfield and Rogate remains, with the road closed until at least 3.30pm on a daily basis.

…and South-East Water plans works on the B2146 Sussex Road, close to the Tesco crossroads, from April 30 to May 1 with traffic controls in operation. 


We got up to 19 degrees in Ramshill yesterday, and twenty degrees in Buriton. Today we could top even that during another day of sunshine in fresh Easterly breezes.

If you’re out and about be aware that the UV level is moderate so consider some sunscreen and the pollen count remains high.

Tonight – cool and clear and still looking very promising for Petersfield Dark Skies Night tomorrow night.