Essential local information for Petersfield and its villages with Laura Sheppard and Lucy Davies.

Send your offers of help or requests for people to help you to or telephone us on 01730 5 55 500 and we’ll pass them on to the relevant organisations and agencies.

Also today we hear the latest from Petersfield Theatre Group as Harrison RB talks to the group’s chairman, Mark Perry.

Information transcript

Petersfield Coronavirus Resource Hub

The Extended Primary Care Team, from the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, can provide a brief intervention to support vulnerable older residents to access essential help during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Working with partner organisations in East Hampshire it can help with collecting medication, posting mail, getting essential basic food items and setting up food or meal delivery, identifying and accessing community support, and helping to liaise with other services that may be needed.

The team works with adults aged over 50 who have long-term health conditions and, to discuss a potential referral, call 023 8231 1153 or  023 8231 1154, between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. 

An online directory of services can be found at

Coronavirus-related business grants are now being issued to eligible businesses for which East Hampshire District Council holds payment details, with other businesses able to confirm their details through an online form.

There are two grants available:

Firstly, there’s Small Business Grants – a one-off grant of £10,000 to businesses that pay little or no businesses rates; and then there’s the Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grants, which provides businesses in the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors with a cash grant of up to £25,000 per property.

The process for accessing grants is relatively simple. Eligible businesses whose direct debit details are already held by EHDC will receive their grant automatically. Other eligible businesses – those for whom EHDC does not hold direct debit details – will be contacted directly by the council and asked to verify their details on an online system that can be accessed via the council’s website.

Filling in your information accurately will ensure EHDC has the correct details to enable grant payments to be made as quickly as possible.

You will need to have the following details to hand when completing the online form:

• Business Rates bill

• Bank details

• VAT registration number 

• Company registration number 

The last two there are optional.

To find out more visit That’s quite a mouthful, so we’ll include it on our website …

Portsmouth-based children’s charity The Elizabeth Foundation helps babies and pre-school children with all degrees of hearing loss, to learn to listen and talk, and covers the Petersfield area.

It is waiving all fees for its online ‘Let’s Listen and Talk’ programme until further notice, so all parents who need it can benefit from expert advice, guidance and information. Sign up for free at

The Elizabeth Foundation does wonderful work and, if you have a young child suffering from hearing loss, get in touch at

Hampshire Macmillan Citizens Advice Service is operating during the current crisis as normally as it can. Staff are unable to see clients face to face, but can take referrals and give advice by phone or email on benefits, grants, blue badges, housing and more for those affected by cancer who are living in or being treated in Hampshire. They can be contacted Monday-Friday on 0344 847 7727, from 9am-4pm or by email at

The Rev Will Hughes, the vicar of St Peter’s, is now offering a pastoral service for anyone who just wants to chat or have access to a listening ear. He can be reached on 01730 260 464 or by email at

A bit of fun now … and can’t we do with that! Petersfield Ladies Circle is hosting an Easter bonnet competition – offering the chance to win a huge chocolate egg, which will be delivered to a secure location of the winner’s choosing on Easter Sunday … with social distancing observed, naturally.

You have a few days to create your Easter bonnet masterpiece using whatever you can find in your home – so, no need to heave the house to shop for things – it’s time to use your imagination.

Please take a picture of yourself wearing your creation and send your pictures via message on Facebook, or by email to

Everyone is welcome to take part – the only stipulation is … you must live in Petersfield. Voting will go to an independent panel of three and the deadline for entries is Friday, with the winner decided on Sunday. Please observe social distancing measures and use what you’ve got around the house, but mainly – use your imagination.

What is going on with Petersfield’s car parks?

That’s the question we’ve been asked by listeners who heard us say that the Council is continuing to charge for parking, but who have seen covers over parking meters in Petersfield.

Well let’s clear this up in a little feature we’ve called ‘Car Park Confusion’

[jaunty music]

Lucy: I’m confused, Laura, about the car parks – are they charging or not?

Laura: It’s true that East Hampshire District Council is still charging for parking in the car parks it operates. They maintain they don’t want to encourage unnecessary trips into town – but their policy differs from those of just about every other local authority in this region which have lifted charges completely.

Lucy: So – what about those meters that are covered then? Laura – I’m so confused.

Laura: Well, they’re only in the car park outside Tesco which is operated by the supermarket chain itself and not by the council. It’s the same reason why you can’t make card payments in the Tesco car park, unlike those by Waitrose, the Festival Hall or by the telephone exchange.

Lucy: and behind M&S the machines are covered too… Is there no end to my confusion Laura?

Laura: Yes Lucy, that car park is run by Euro Car Parks who have suspended payments too.

Lucy: So let me get this straight Laura? The private commercial companies are providing a free service while the public local authority is charging money.

Laura: That’s about the size of it.

Lucy: No wonder I’m confused.

[music ends]

And if you have any questions or concerns about car parking and the charges, we are set and ready for another edition of ‘Car Park Confusion’ at any time. Just say the word.

Time to remind you of some items we’ve reported that you may have missed … or forgotten.

East Hampshire District Council has said it is essential that everyone understands smoke from burning waste will have a greater impact on neighbours who would not normally be affected by it.

This is particularly true where neighbours are either suffering from coronavirus or are having to self-isolate owing to medical conditions which put them at greater risk, such as asthma, or heart disease.

In view of the serious health implications linked to any form of burning the council requests all residents do not dispose of any waste – garden or otherwise – by burning.

The Petersfield Coronavirus Help Network is doing sterling work at the moment, so here’s a reminder of the group’s telephone number: Petersfield 779 296, that’s 01730 779 296. 

And if you’re looking for resources to help you through isolation the Petersfield Coronavirus Resource Hub is a website with details of services available in the local area. You can find it at – that’s and we’ve put a link on our website at

Also visit Local Circles Petersfield – at – an online directory set up as a community resource to order deliveries of freshly cooked meals, coffee, cake, food essentials and more.

Thank you news, now …

… and connector technology specialist Harwin, in Portsmouth – whose components are used in many types of equipment, including respirators and heart monitors – has donated some much needed PPE to the Rowan Ward, at Petersfield Hospital. 

The face shields were produced on the company’s 3D printers at its facility in Farlington. Other local hospitals and care facilities will also be receiving equipment from Harwin, just as soon as it becomes available.

And staff at Petersfield Hospital would like to thank Domino’s Pizza Petersfield for kindly bringing in pizzas for them. It was, they said, “a lovely lunchtime pick me up”.


Travel – and of course the only travel that’s legal right now is for essential shopping, to get medical supplies or to get to work if you absolutely can’t work from home.

It means the trains are few and far between, so you can still get to London or Portsmouth if you absolutely must, and most bus routes are running through Petersfield, but with fewer services than usual. Use contactless payment and keep your distance from other passengers.

The Portsmouth Harbour to Ryde Pier Head Wightlink ferry service has been suspended until further notice. Tickets for essential travel to the Isle of Wight will be accepted on the Hovertravel services from Southsea Hoverport. As you may remember from last week, the ferry service from Lymington has also been suspended. 

And if you’re travelling further afield on your essential journey then the National Express coach service between Woking station and Heathrow Airport has also now been suspended.


Well, if proof were needed that Petersfield has its own microclimate, we got up to 21.7 degrees yesterday, according to the digital weather station of Dave Tidd, in Buriton.

Today promises similar temperatures across the Petersphere, but more cloud than yesterday – light variable winds through the day and staying dry. 

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