Suzie Wilde and Laura Sheppard bring you today’s essential local information for Petersfield and its villages, including important news from the hospital.

We also meet Alice Farrow who sung “We’ll meet again” in our VE Day programme and represents the armed forces charity SSAFA for which Petersfield’s VE events raised money.

Send information and limericks to or 01730 555 500.

We share information with the Petersfield Coronavirus Resource Hub, the Petersfield Voluntary Care Group and other local agencies.

Information transcript

The Petersfield Household Waste Recycling Centre – better known colloquially as the ‘tip’ – reopens today, but only for those who cannot store waste safely at home without causing a health risk. 

Use of Hampshire County Council’s HWRCs is limited to the essential disposal of waste where storing such waste causes a risk of injury or a threat to health. All sites will be operating with safe social distancing measures in place with fewer people and vehicles allowed on site at any one time. 

This will inevitably cause delays in entering and potential traffic queues, so please be patient and considerate of others who live nearby. Take the time to consider whether the journey is essential. All sites will reopen under temporary revised daily opening hours of 10am-4pm.

Petersfield Minor Injuries Unit has seen an influx of patients in the past few days. Remember if you’ve sustained an injury, to try to reduce exposure and strain on the NHS please call ahead on 02382 310 595.

Petersfield MIU only has X-Ray for part of the day, so please call to arrange your attendance. Calling allows the team to make a decision as to whether it is suitable and safe for you to come into the department with your injury. 

What’s more, the Minor Injuries Unit has moved to a new area in the hospital and staff would like to brighten up the setting. They would love it if you or your children could draw some rainbows and send them in. It would be handy if you could laminate them, but not compulsory.

Please address them to: Petersfield MIU, Petersfield Hospital, Swan Street, Petersfield, GU32 3LB.

St Peter’s Vets is currently working through its list and contacting clients whose pets are overdue their vaccination in date order and, consequently, booking the more overdue ones first.

Please DO NOT call the practice – if your pet is overdue or due soon for a vaccination, you will either receive a phone call or a reminder through the post advising you how to book.

Southern Gas Network is continuing to operate the 24/7 National Gas Emergency Service across the south of England during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its engineers are also carrying out safety-critical work under extra safety precautions to make sure everyone’s protected, so you might still see them in your area. 

You can read its latest COVID-19 updates, on its website at, which also has educational material for children including facts, gas safety tips and fun puzzles. 

Horndean-based Advance SRM – Advance Soft Tissue and Remedial Massage – is publishing free online routines daily, on its Facebook page, with gentle and mobility stretch exercises for everyone struggling with short tight muscles, looking to release stress or wanting to maintain healthy muscles and flexibility. 

No special equipment is required. Simply search for Advance SRM on social media. 

Our VE Day Show, presented by Alastair Stewart – and which is still available to download from our website – closed with this splendid rendition…

<CLIP OF ALICE FARROW’S We’ll meet again>

The singer was Alice Farrow, the head of public relations and public affairs for SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity, and, also, the daughter of our town mayor, Lesley Farrow. And. we’re delighted to say, she joins us on the line now, good morning Alice.


If you see a large cloud of bees or a large number of bees clustering anywhere from a tree or compost bin, to a fence post or bus stop, don’t panic. They are just looking for a new home to settle. They’ve left their hive and are full of honey so they have sufficient resources to start afresh wherever they end up. 

This is the calmest you will ever see a honey bee so please do not spray them and, instead, give Hampshire & Surrey Honey Bee Happy Rescue a buzz on 07525 808 361 or 01962 793 059. The team there will send one of its beekeepers to help, with every swarm of honey bees they rescue rehomed to a happy environment. 

What’s more, for each swarm they rescue they donate £30 to Hart Wildlife Rescue and you can now buy their local honey from Durleighmarsh Farm Shop, again with 50p of the purchase price going to Hart Wildlife Rescue and Bee Conservation. For more details email

Having reviewed its staffing and work levels Day Lewis Pharmacy is to return to more normal opening hours. They will now be closing for just one hour, from 1 to 2pm each day, and will be opening at 9am Monday through to Saturday, and closing at 5.30pm Monday to Friday and at 1pm on Saturdays. It will be operating, however, on a limit of two customers in the pharmacy at a time – so, if you can, it might be worth waiting if it’s raining!

We’re currently bringing you a daily episode of the 60 Second Support series here on the Morning Report, helping you to look after your family’s mental health during these difficult times.

Today, it’s the turn of Anna Freud, of the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, who speaks on the topic of ‘Helping Your Children Understand Coronavirus …’


60 Second Support with Heads Together is supported by the Audio Content Fund.

The New Peking Takeaway, in Lavant Street, has reopened for takeaways, collection or delivery. It is open six days a week, including bank holidays – but not on Tuesdays – from 4.30-11pm. Call 01730 233 323 to order.

Also in Lavant Street, Mother Kelly’s Fish and Chips Petersfield will reopen on Wednesday within strict social distancing guidelines, while the menu will be restricted to ensure shorter waiting times. You can view the temporary menu and opening hours on its Facebook page.

The Townhouse is launching a bottle amnesty. If you have any of its bottles, please feel free to drop them back, to enable them to be sterilised and re-used … the bottles, that is, not Dom and the staff!

Are you passionate about photography? When the Petersfield Museum reopens later this year after its redevelopment, it plans an exhibition of photographs of Petersfield and the surrounding area taken through the lenses of the people who live here.

So it is launching a competition to find photos that show what Petersfield means to you. Staff at the museum would like you to send in your entries to the competition, which features three categories: nature; places; faces … 

Six winners will have their work exhibited in the new-look Museum for its first year after re-opening. The team at the museum asks that you submit a short summary with each photo describing:

  • Why the subject matter is personally important to you, and;
  • How it represents your relationship to the town or surrounding area

For terms and conditions and details of how to enter, visit the website at, and the closing date for entries is May 31st, 2020.

The competition is open to both amateur and professional photographers, of all ages.

Now, tomorrow, May 12th, is National Limerick Day, which celebrates the birthday of the renowned English artist, illustrator, author and poet Edward Lear. And we thought we’d encourage you to try your hand. Send your attempts to and we’ll read out the best ones tomorrow.

Here’s one somebody prepared earlier …

A keen walker called Suzie Wilde,

Had the eagerness of a child,

So she’d get quite tight,

In the Queen’s Head at night, 

On two gins and a gallon of mild. 

Now, Suzie, far be it from me to say who composed that …

Mmm, as a writer and an old friend of our editor’s, I thought I might be the target for something like this, so I have already prepared my riposte …

A bantering writer call Dave,

Makes jokes that are awfully brave,

His bark’s worse than his bite

And try as he might,

His scripts are my personal fave

I think that covers my view on his efforts …

We’re sure you can do better, so send them in today to so we can read them out tomorrow. 


Try to avoid Sussex Road in the next few days. From today until the end of the week, county council contractors will be working there and traffic control will be in place. 

From Wednesday, traffic control will also be in operation on Winchester Road, near to the McDonald’s slip road as South-East Water carries out necessary works.

And, on the other side of the A3 roundabout, council contractors and South East Water are taking turns to dig up the road in Stroud and Langrish, so guess what? Yes, more traffic control to endure.


It’s all a bit Meh! today … not bad, but not great either. Early cloud will clear for a fine, but much colder, day, especially if you’re caught in the strong wind, which, we’re assured, will abate later in the day. And a maximum temperature of 14 °C is certainly not worth mentioning on any postcards you’re sending.