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Lucy and Alastair present today’s information update for Petersfield and the wider Petersphere. Plus there’s the latest edition of Nina Vennis’ Lockdown Diary.

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Laura and Alice at Refill & Replenish are going to have a trial opening in the Folly Market today from 10am. But the shop will be closing at 2pm.

Like all our local shops, the safety of the community remains their biggest priority. Folly Market has 2m distance markers, staff members will wear masks and they will wash hands between serving each customer. There will be only card transactions, with no cash being handled.

The shop is small, so customers will be met at the door. Items will be picked and packed in the shop’s own paper bags, so don’t bring any containers from home unless they are clean bottles for refilling of liquids.

Alice and Laura ask you to be patient while they trial all this – and, if it becomes too busy, they may ask you to leave a shopping list and collect the items later.

The Refill and Replenish delivery service remains in operation for this Saturday in Emsworth, Havant, Rowlands Castle and the surrounding areas, so if you would like to place an order, you can use the link on the website:

And Andrew Baker at White Rose Garage says the sales department and showroom on Station Road will reopen on Monday, 1 June.

The government’s new Coronavirus Statutory Sick Pay Rebate Scheme launched online yesterday.

The scheme will enable small and medium sized employers with under 250 employees to apply to HMRC to recover the costs of paying Coronavirus-related Statutory Sick Pay. Tax agents will also be able to make claims on behalf of their employers.

HMRC has published online guidance which includes information about who can use the scheme and the records employers must keep. Find out more on the GOV.UK website.

As you may have heard yesterday, we’re nearing the end of National Share-a-Story Month – and the winners of the East Hampshire Community Rail Partnership dream journey competition, will be announced on Friday’s Morning report. Just squeaking in before the end of May.

Lemon Grass in Dragon Street is open for takeaway.

Grayson Perry’s Art Club on Channel 4 is really popular so perhaps many of us are having a go. I know president of the Petersfield Arts and Crafts Society, Sharon Hurst, is delighted with the response to the Bank Holiday ‘brush up your painting’ weekend, which she announced here at Petersfield Community Radio.


Work continues on the Rake road and there may still be grass cutting on the old A3 in Sheet, near the A272 Rogate turn.

In the Central Car Park, resurfacing work is making quite a few spaces unusable and many more have no markings, so do watch out.

Virgin Media is working in the Tilmore area, and, on the railway, South Western Rail confirms its reduced timetable continues this week – so that means one fast train and one slow train each way every hour.


Sunny and warm pretty much covers it, once again. There’s some thicker cloud in the early afternoon with an outside chance of a shower, but it clears later in the day, with a maximum temperature of 22 degrees.

All this sunlight is excellent for topping up Vitamin D levels but be careful not to burn.