Petersfield’s weekly magazine show, with Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey.

Honestly officer, we were just out for a bit of exercise …

This week our less-than-dynamic duo are joined by members of the Liss children’s choir that has taken Britain’s Got Talent by storm. We’re also lucky enough to hear the track which made some of the judges cry … in a good way, that is – not like the Cheeky Girls did.

Our regular contributors are there too, except for Richard Marks, whose deerstalker hat, ‘haz mat’ suit and gauges were worn, instead, for verisimilitude, by Stephen Martin.

This week’s P pod was recorded remotely by two people from different households who met in a park at a safe distance. It was produced by Joff Lacey and edited by Alice Payne, who both stayed alert throughout.