Petersfield’s weekly magazine show, with Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey.

Not recorded anywhere near Durham …

This week, Claire and Joff eschewed the latest Government initiative and stayed at home to chat with local photographer Louise Collins, who’s seen a ‘step change’ in her career since the lockdown, and Anthony Thistleton, from the Rural Refugee Network, who, along with members of the Bedales community, has travelled from Syria to Steep – and not to test their eyesight.

Louise Collins is stepping out …

They also introduce the first in a new series of 60-Second Histories, brought to you by the team at the Petersfield Museum; plus Suzie Wilde‘s WIlde Walk; Martin Bamford‘s Money Moment; Richard Marks’ weather update, and the bromance between Joff and the Petersfield Post‘s chief reporter, Jon Walker, continues unabashed. And there’s a league debut for youngster Tom Reynolds, who reads the news.

This week’s P pod was recorded on the evening of Monday, 25 May, while all participants were still in a state of disbelief following THAT press conference. It was produced by Harrison RB and edited by Dave Bowers, a regular visitor to THE Barnard Castle, a pub just off the A3 near Ripley.