Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey have your essential information for Petersfield and its villages.

Today we hear from Caz Nicholls from the Petersfield and Liss National Childbirth Trust (NCT) branch. 

Send your information updates, questions and thank you messages, for people who’ve helped you, to or phone 01730 555 500.

We share information with the Petersfield Coronavirus Resource Hub, the Petersfield Voluntary Care Group and other local agencies.

Information transcript

Herne Junior School wants to thank parents of Year Six pupils for preparing them so well, ahead of reopening regarding distancing, handwashing and so on, so that all felt safe and calm. An email letter has gone out to parents, explaining that this was only 16 per cent of the school, and what now needs to happen during the rest of the term, and inviting home-schooled Year 6s to come and meet their Year Teacher in July. 

The Government has sent a document to schools, saying the phased reopening is underpinned by the latest science, with the following factors: 

  • the severity of disease in children – there is high scientific confidence that children of all ages have less severe symptoms than adults if they contract coronavirus 
  • the age of children – there is moderately high scientific confidence that younger children are less likely to become unwell if infected 
  • the numbers of children going back – they need to be limited initially then increased gradually as the science permits
  • the systems to reduce the size of the groups coming into contact with each other – such as smaller class sizes spread out across settings

Every aspect has been examined and guidance given in the document, from exams to food.

For instance, it says Schools should provide meals for all children in school, and meals should be available free of charge where pupils meet the free school meal eligibility criteria. To ensure this, educational settings are expected to reopen their kitchens and ensure that meals are able to be prepared and served safely.

The provision of food vouchers for those eligible under the benefits criteria will also continue to be available where needed. Further Information on all aspects of the reopening of schools can be found by following links on the site.

Many of us have been saying how good it would be if the devastating virus could also be a driver for beneficial change. The Hants Covid Travel Map is a campaign to create better spaces for people walking and cycling in and around our towns to enable physical distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic – and beyond during the period of recovery.

Hampshire County Council has worked with Commonplace to create a map tool to help you flag up areas of concern in your community where temporary measures could make a positive difference.You can both make suggestions and also see what other ideas have been raised – and there are already comments about Station Road, Sussex Road and problems when schools fully return. 

Things the County Council are considering include:

  • widening footways, especially on high streets, to ensure that those walking and queuing for essential goods are able to keep two metres from each other
  • installing measures to restrict through traffic from using residential streets to ensure that physical distancing can occur on those streets, especially in locations that form an access route to a local amenity; and
  • installing temporary cycle lanes and temporary cycle parking

Here are some examples of concerns: if you worry about having enough space to walk/queue/eat outside a cafe on the high street, or feel that school gates should be traffic-free to allow for safe distancing, or want to make sure that children can cycle safety to school from September, or see pop-up lanes drawn to make exercise and commutes safer – you can share your views at

And now today’s interview. We’ve been dealing a lot, on the Morning Report, with concerns that face the vulnerable. Statistically, this means the elderly. Today we go to the other end of our (hopefully) long life journey and speak to Caz Nicholls, from the Petersfield and Liss branch of NCT.

<For interview please listen to above audio>

And now some news from Liss Band. Eight members formed two separate quartets to play at care homes in Liss over the weekend. The two quartets performed in the open air a selection of hymns along with some vintage numbers. Safe distancing was maintained throughout the performances, with a significant separation between the band and residents. If you are involved with a care home in the area and would like them to play, please get in touch and let them know on 

Over these weeks of lockdown we have included advice about pets. And despite the World Health Organization’s reminder that pets don’t spread Covid-19, vets have seen an increase in the number of cases of cats brought in in an alcoholic coma, after being washed in hand sanitiser, and dogs with burns on their skin and paws after being washed in bleach or other corrosive substances at the end of a walk.

Anxiety levels are anecdotally rising with the ease of lockdown and poisonings are certainly increasing. Household items are among the main culprits because they’re readily available. There are instances of people rubbing bleach into their bodies – “the patients turned completely red!” – washing their hands in methylated spirits, causing irritation of the skin, or drenching their homes so thoroughly in bleach that it has provoked asthma attacks.

Take care with accidental misuse, too. Cases of children accidentally poisoning themselves by drinking hand sanitiser are up, as the two have coincided in the same restricted space for prolonged periods. And here’s one for NIna: 

In one case, a woman swallowed hair dye containing paraphenylenediamine that can cause a severe allergic reaction and burn the body’s soft tissues. Though in her case it wasn’t an accident. She was using it as “internal disinfection.” Cases of poisoning by ingestion of essential oils, with the same goal, have increased in places too.


Traffic is increasing, with numbers of cars and speed almost back to normal. There are many of John Major’s cones around the Petersphere so work may begin soon.

On Friday Hampshire County Council plans to jet clean the carriageway gullies along Station Road near Lidl to clear a blocked drain. If you live along there you’ll get a leaflet through the door explaining everything.

Let’s hope the road is quieter now near The Red Lion, where a loose and rocking frame in the road has been making a really loud banging noise when traffic goes over it. Southern Water said it would be replaced by today. If not – let us know.

And if we’re not saying what you’re seeing call Petersfield 5 55 500.


At least we now have weather news, instead of “Sunny”. 

The Azores High is briefly with us, making the weather changeable but mostly dry. Another cloudy start today but light winds for the Petersphere. It will feel cool to begin with, especially for anyone heading for the coast but sunny spells will develop in the afternoon, with a maximum temperature of 18 °C. However, it will again become increasingly cloudy by evening. 

It will be cloudier and cooler on Wednesday and Thursday with outbreaks of rain or showers, perhaps sometimes heavy, with strengthening winds.