Harrison RB and Stephen Martin round-up all the essential local information you need to get you safely and enjoyably into the weekend.

Including details of the Taro reopening, the finger post signs in Petersfield that point the wrong way and why Chapel Street may be the best-dressed road in Petersfield.

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Information transcript

It’s a sporty one today with details of what’s happening at the Taro and the Open Air Swimming Pool.

Why Chapel Street could be the best dressed road in Petersfield.

And don’t follow the new signs – as new finger posts in Petersfield confuse people, we’re talking about going the wrong way. Has that ever happened to you?

But first, Stephen has today’s top stories.

Good Morning. Petersfield’s Taro Centre reopens tomorrow. The sports facility in Penns Place has been closed for nearly four months and facilities will still be restricted when it unlocks its doors in the morning, as Meg Allin reports:

The gym at the Taro will be the first part of the building to open, along with group fitness facilities which will also be available for use from tomorrow. You’ll need to book in advance, and you can do that on the Everyone Active app or website.
If you want to swim you’ll have to wait a few more days and when the pool does open it will be for lane swimming only. You’ll need to book a lane and there’ll be no bombing down the slide or sitting in the steam room just yet.

We’ll talk to the Taro team tomorrow so if you have any questions about how things will be in the centre you can email team@petersfieldradio.uk or call us on Petersfield five, fifty five, five hundred.

New ‘finger post’ direction signs in Petersfield point the wrong way. The decorative signs are newly-installed as part of a wider project to update signage in the town centre. But some of the finger posts are wrong.

That’s a long walk from the Festival Hall to its car park, according to new finger posts in Petersfield.

One for the open air swimming pool is well off-beam and another suggests the Festival Hall car park is at the opposite end of town from the hall itself.

These shoppers seemed baffled and amused:

IN: “They point…”
DUR: 39”
OUT: “…on the radio”

Petersfield Town Council tells us the signs were correct when they were installed and they’re supposed to be tamper proof. They say contractors will put things right.

What do you think of the new signs? And have you spotted any more that are wrong? Petersfield 5 55 500 is our number.

How are you coping with life during Coronavirus? That’s the question posed by East Hampshire District Council in a new survey of local people.

The council wants to measure how this year’s developments have affected our lives, what services we’ve received and how we’re feeling about it all.

They say they’ll use the results of the survey to identify support that’s needed in the community and to see what more can be done to help with the recovery.

The survey is open until the twenty third of August and you don’t have to give your name. Here’s the web address – easthants.gov.uk/c19.

Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool has shared more details of the renovation work that’s nearing completion at its town centre site.

The biggest renovation project in the pool’s fifty-eight year history will result in improved facilities behind the scenes and many features we can all enjoy when it reopens next year.

You’ll notice a new tiled surround to the pool and smoked oak-enhanced grain decking. Smart new stainless steel rope anchors and pool lights will be fitted to the pool walls with stainless steel drainage grills too.

Behind the scenes there are new skimmers and the plant room gets an upgrade.

As Petersfield Community Radio reported two weeks ago, pool trustees have decided not to open the popular swimming centre this year because it wouldn’t be financially viable with social distancing in place.

A Petersfield charity says it’s grateful to you if you helped its fundraising book fest outside Lloyds Bank last Saturday.

Petersfield Lions Club held the event which made a large selection of books available for a donation.
This was their first sale since March and despite last weekend’s weather it raised over £25.

And you’re up to date.

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A new menswear store opens in Petersfield tomorrow. Its owner is Joe Bicknell who joins us now.

[Audio: listen to the programme for the full interview]

Hector’s menswear opens on Chapel Street tomorrow.

Reopening Petersfield

The weekend is here, so let’s see what’s open for fun and business over the next day or two whatever you choose to wear.

If you have children who are bored with the summer holidays already then why not get them to enter the Bug House Competition run by Petersfield Community Garden? That’ll keep them busy.

Children who make a bug house or bug hotel could win a cash prize, and get their creation displayed in the community garden. Details of the competition are at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/pcg-bug-house-competition-2020-tickets-113612094834

Hogmoor Distillery reopens its Gin School today with reduced class sizes. You can book classes on Fridays and Saturdays at hogmoordistillery.co.uk

Good news from the Good Intent. The pub on College Street is re-opening its kitchen today.

And just a couple of days left to pick-up hand printed, embroidered, unisex and ethically-sourced T shirts from the Petersfield Space on Lavant Street. T shirts from Daisy Lou Designs and Stay Salty Ts are available in the pop-up shop.

and Butser Ancient Farm is now open for most of the week, and all weekend long. There is a limit on places at the attraction so your tickets will be for a specific time slot. Book online at butserancientfarm.co.uk


On the roads, The barriers remain in Petersfield town centre for social distancing, with car parking suspended along the High Street and in The Square.

If you haven’t been up Lavant Street recently you can now park for half an hour for free there. And the Tesco car park remains free of charge.

SSEN continues its digging along Swan Street towards the centre of town, and we can expect disruption and closures there for the next couple of weeks.

South East Water is scheduled to complete its work on the Causeway today.

Openreach is doing cable work on the Winchester Road outside Langrish Manor Farm, that’s just after the bend.

And in South Harting there’s electrical work with temporary traffic control on The Street.

If we’re not saying what you’re seeing, please let us know – you can reach us on Petersfield 5 55 500 or via email, team@petersfieldradio.uk.


Loads more sunshine today and we’re expecting temperatures up to 28. Partly cloudy skies in the afternoon with the chance of a passing shower. Winds staying light from the south. And this weekend will see good sunny spells and staying dry, but a little cooler than today.

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