Laura Sheppard and Alan Cosh bring you today’s essential Petersfield information and we hear how Gladiator training is back at the rugby club after lockdown.

Petersfield’s very own answer to Maximus Decimus Meridius, Steve Stidolf explains all and we bring you a further treat from the Petersfield Shakespeare online festival.

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Information transcript

We’ll be bringing you news of what’s opening and what’s not in the sporting world, as well as chatting to someone who has been running Gladiator boot camp. Is that something to do with gladiator sandals, I wonder?

And we’ll tell you about some more restaurants who will be taking part in the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, and a reminder of the work of the PACT food bank and what it is short of this week.

And we’ll hear the latest clip from the Petersfield Shakespeare Online Festival written and performed by Chris Hollis.

Firstly, following the fatal collision at the Durford Road/Pulens Lane crossroads last week, East Hants Police is appealing for witnesses. It occurred on Thursday at about 2.30 pm, and the exact circumstances of the collision are being investigated. The police are keen to speak to anyone with information. Did you see the collision, or perhaps you may have dash-cam footage showing the moments leading up to the collision? Please call 101, quoting the reference 44200275376 if you can help.

Now, a reminder of the government guidance which came into force last week. It is now mandatory to wear a face covering in shops and banks as well as on public transport. EHDC’s message is that wearing a face covering will help protect others from you. If you have caught coronavirus but have not developed symptoms, the covering could reduce the chance of you passing it on.Face coverings are not a replacement for keeping your distance from others and washing your hands.

Public Health England has been made aware that face coverings for babies and very young children are available for sale in England. Guidance is clear that children under the age of three years should NOT wear face coverings or masks. These masks should not be used as they are potentially dangerous and cause choking and suffocation. If you or your child is unwell with the symptoms of Covid-19, then you should get a test and stay at home until you get the result. If you are worried then you should call 111 or speak to your doctor.

If you have a child who is studying the Iron Age, now is a fantastic time to visit Butser Ancient Farm, as all the thatch has just been removed from one of the roundhouses! This is so new thatching can take place this summer to repair the storm damage from last winter. It is fascinating to see the sky peaking through the blackened wooden frame structure. What a brilliant way for children to be able to see how a roundhouse is made.

A couple of pleas now. You will have heard The Kings Arms charity on the PPod a couple of weeks ago. It is desperately seeking a volunteer carpet fitter or one who can offer a charitable rate to fit a carpet in its new centre by mid-August when they’re moving in. And The Rosemary Foundation is after a large desk with drawers for its reception area, so if you’ve not managed to get to the tip yet after a clear out they’d love to hear from you.

PACT food bank is currently short of the following this week: hot chocolate, toothbrushes and toothpaste, packet soups, tins/packs of custard, sweet treats, tinned tomatoes, shampoo and tinned soup. Please get your bag PACT and drop off your contributions between 10 and 12 noon on Mondays and Wednesdays at the Methodist Church in Station Road. Volunteers are welcome. There is a rota system for receiving donations, sorting and storing food, preparing food packs and distributing them to people in need. All volunteers receive training and most people work once or twice a month. Sorting is done on Monday and Wednesday mornings at the Methodist Church and the packs are normally distributed on Tuesday and Friday mornings from the Salvation Army. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Vanessa on 01730 710459.

Now we’re going to catch up with the latest monologue from the Petersfield Shakespeare Online Festival, written and performed by Chris Hollis. Called Scapegoat, it contains strong language appropriate to the character – but don’t worry, you don’t have to cover your ears for this clip. Chris has taken the minor character of the apothecary and given him a modern interpretation.

[AUDIO – listen to the programme to enjoy]

And if you haven’t caught up with the Online Festival, you can find out much, much more about the writers, cast and crew at and you can catch up with all of our PSF interviews and content at

Coming up shortly, we give you information about changes to opening times for The Harrow, the Royal Mail Delivery office and have the latest from Earth, Lemongrass and The Seven Stars in Stroud

But first, since the Government announced that leisure centres could open from 25th July as soon as venues decide it is safe, Herne Farm Leisure Centre has taken the decision not to reopen yet. Some areas of the building do not conform to the requirements, so until the guidelines change it will not be permitted to open.

And The Taro has announced it is in ongoing discussions with the local authority and will not be opening yet. It is working hard to confirm a date and we’ll keep you informed when there is more news.

This brings us neatly to today’s interview. Steve Stidolph is a personal trainer and runs the Petersfield Gladiator’s Camp at the Petersfield Rugby Club.

[INTERVIEW – listen to the programme to enjoy]

We imagine Steve Stidolf looks like this…
A Gladiator camp training session

There are a few other activities that have reopened. Wild Nest Yoga is running some outdoor yoga sessions at Steep Cricket Club during August, and its studio will be reopening soon. And it has been great to see cricket back at the ground in Steep. If you want to play some fun & friendly cricket this summer, do get in touch.

And Petersfield Gymnastics Club is reopening. Based at TPS, it has opportunities for all abilities and has spaces available for summer holiday programmes and after school spaces from September.

Openings and closings

Although Harting Stores is open as usual this week, its Post Office Counter is closed until 3 August because of staff shortages. And the Royal Mail Delivery Office on the Square, for parcel drop off and collections has new opening hours. It is only open from 7am until 9am on Monday-Friday except Wednesdays.

The Harrow has changed its opening hours, and now closes at 2.30 pm Monday-Saturday. And the New Peking Chinese Takeaway is open for delivery, pick up and walk in orders. And a couple more businesses in Petersfield have signed up for the Eat Out to Help Out scheme in August: the Lemongrass restaurant and The Seven Stars in Strood. And Earth Restaurant has made some changes to when it serves food. It will be open for breakfast and lunches, and will open on Friday and Saturday evenings only.


There are roadworks in Station Road near Sandringham Road, and SSEN is continuing to install underground electric cables as it has been in various places around the Petersphere for some time – currently in Swan Street near the Hospital and Swan Surgery.

Delays are possible in Sussex Road near the junction with Nursted Lane with three way lights in operation.

Works continue on Winchester Road at the junction with Princes Road, and the slip roads onto the A3 at Berelands remain closed.

And on the railways, a reminder that there is a reduced service between Portsmouth and London Waterloo with two trains an hour (1 ‘fast’, 1 ‘slow’) in both directions with additional peak time services. The last service from London Waterloo is at 22:30.

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You can expect light showers today, with cloud cover increasing in the middle of the day. It will be slightly warmer than yesterday, with temperatures expected to reach 18 degrees.

The temperature will creep higher again tomorrow, with no showers expected, and a little bit of sunshine peeping out over the Petersphere.
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the P pod this week will be recorded at The Tattoo Lounge, and Claire and Joff will be chatting to Michael Auger from Collabro – and from Petersfield Community Radio. And Dave and Harrison will be with you again tomorrow for the Morning Report tomorrow.

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