Suzie and Harrison bring you today’s essential local information for Petersfield and its villages.

We also meet Jules Cavalier from Petersfield Hospital who wants your help to improve the lives of patients.

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Information transcript

First a reminder. If your MOT was due between 30 March and 31 July, your MOT certificate will be extended by 6 months. However, if your MOT is due on 1 August or later, there will be no such extension. You can get your MOT up to a month before the due date, and keep the same renewal date. Clear? If you need to check, go to

Petersfield Town Visitor Centre reopens its doors alongside Petersfield Library on 7th July on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 till 4 for the first month. The library saw an enormous increase in people using its digital library services during lockdown. The ‘Ready Reads’ service, where staff select books according to a reader’s preferences, and the customer collects the selection, has also proved very popular. 

There are of course new restrictions in place when you visit the library. Newspapers and magazines aren’t available at the moment, the toilets will remain closed, and there won’t be any classes or activities, but there is a timetable of online events and you can find out more about all this at

Petersfield Shakespeare Festival has been one of the casualties of the pandemic but creative as ever, the team is providing us with new opportunities. Prepare to be entertained by some winning entries to the monologue competition right here on Petersfield Community Radio.

Sounds great. When will we hear them?

We’ll ask one of the organisers soon in an interview. Before that, you can be part of this year’s festival – but you need to be quick, so here’s how. They say:

“PSF is about so much more than the plays; it’s a very special experience shared by performers, staff and audience together. We are producing a short piece for our website and social media platforms which captures first-hand experiences of our events and for this PSF2020 online festival, we’d love to include your highlights, anecdotes and reviews of festival visits and shows over the past eight years.”

What do we have to do? 

They want us to send in audio, video or photos. No sophisticated techniques or equipment are required, just a short recording on a phone will be fine. 

Any digital clips, comments and pictures can be sent via We Transfer to But be quick – the closing date for entries is Friday 10th July.

All details mentioned in the programme today can be found in the transcript.

And it’s time for our interview with Jules Cavalier.


Good morning, Jules, and thanks for coming on the programme. You’re a busy man, so let’s get started straight away.


If you’d like to get in touch to help Jules and his team with the garden appeal please email him

Reopening Petersfield

What else is reopening? Well, this week’s Wilde Walk comes from the Weald and Downland Living Museum, which is again open to the public from Saturday. I’m ashamed to say there’s a lot of squealing – both from me and the piglets! I was on a Friends’ trial opening, with a timed arrival at the museum and it was all very smooth. Getting in there soon after the 4th is the perfect opportunity to get inspired for the historical short story competition and details of that and new safety arrangements at the museum can be found at

That’s where Repair Shop is filmed, isn’t it? I know lots of people have watched it during lockdown especially. It’s very relaxed – slow television – with nostalgia thrown in. Though I’m a bit young for all that.

You might enjoy the dragonhead pipes, though. It’s not ear-splitting bagpipes, much more tuneful! Listen to Jez playing out this week’s Wilde Walk.

This’ll interest you, Suzie. Clusons Countrywear in Bedford Road, will be open from 3rd July – with all necessary safety measures in place of course.

But sadly, also in Bedford Road, Cafe 81 has taken the decision to permanently close due to the impact from Covid-19.

And one pub that won’t be opening this weekend is The Cricketers in Steep. The last landlord moved out in March and the owners say they haven’t got anyone to take over the business yet. They will keep looking for a new tenant landlord but may also just sell the place.

Suzie: And I’ve been stopped in the street recently by a few listeners who are concerned about arrangements at the tip.

Harrison: Are they curious or furious, Suzie?

S: Well, they just don’t understand why so few people can book slots at any one time and why it takes so long to clean things down between appointments… and they really want us to cover this on the radio.

So – what’s your experience at the recycling centre? Have you found it hard to get a slot and what happened when you turned up?

Let us know and we’ll put your concerns to a representative from East Hampshire District Council in the days ahead.

You can call us about this or any other local story on Petersfield 5 55 500 or email us…


Parking is restricted along the High Street, in The Square and up Lavant Street so you can keep a safe distance when you’re on the pavement. We’re expecting a final decision on the town’s Covid-19 parking and traffic plans any day now.

Work continues to upgrade the pelican crossing outside Churcher’s College with temporary lights so expect delays.

Bedford Road remains closed at its junction with Frenchmans Road for athe major electrical project we reported on in yesterday’s show..

The Road Closed signs remain in place on Bell Hill but the water company’s work appears to be complete so we expect those signs will disappear very soon.

There are delays and closures on Andlers Ash Road In Liss caused by the new development going up there.

They are digging for water on King George Avenue, though I may have got that wrong.

And if that’s the case, and we’re not saying what you’re seeing, email or call us on Petersfield 5 55 500. 


Unsettled sums it up again. 

There are sunny spells with the greatest risk of a shower around lunchtime. Maximum temperatures of 19 degrees in a breeze coming in off the Atlantic, so not picnic weather. Clear overnight, with a bright start on Friday.

Noni and Laura will be with you tomorrow. Laura is talking to Mike Turner from Jacobs and Hunt with good news for the Petersfield housing market and there will also be an update on the revised safety measures to remember on ‘Independence Day’ so we don’t end up in lockdown again like poor Leicester. 

If you haven’t caught it yet, this week’s P Pod with Claire and Joff has some amazing recipes for the barbeque – and better weather will be coming soon – and you can hear all the regular features, including my latest Wilde Walk there, too.

There are other great listens and here’s how to make sure you don’t miss any of them:  <Harrison advice>  

But for now, from both of us, to all of you –