Laura Sheppard and Alan Cosh keep you up to date with the latest information from Petersfield and its villages.

Today we hear your concerns about the procedures at the recycling centre and we speak to Antonia Troth who runs the popular Madeleine’s Kitchen on Lavant Street.

How have the traffic and parking restrictions affected her business and life for her customers?

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Information transcript

It’s your fully fact-checked morning update of local information for Petersfield and its villages.

And it’s week 2 of Children’s Art Week run by Engage, the National Association for Gallery Education. The theme this week Connecting Across Generations. You can find out more on their website

Today we’re joined by Antonia Troth  <rhymes with both>  who owns Madeleine’s Kitchen in Lavant Street. We’ll ask her about how she has re-invented the shop during lock-down and how the Council barriers and parking restrictions are affecting her business.

Shall we give Michael Auger a round of applause for his debut performance on the Morning Report yesterday.  Clap – ‘well done Michael.’

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First though…

Some of you have been in touch with us to say you’re concerned about the new rules for visiting the tip in Bedford Road and are finding it hard to get a convenient slot.

Some of the questions we received include…

  • Why does the booking site say “ more slots will be available soon” when they never seem to come?
  • Why can you only go once a week?
  • Why are only 3 vehicles allowed at a time with the social distancing rules are now more relaxed?
  • When the most common waste is wood and garden waste, why have them on the same staircase? It means you have to wait for one person to come down before passing safely.
  • And many more.

We’d like to hear your questions so we can put them all to a representative of the council to get answers for you.

You can email any questions or concerns you may have about the recycling services in Petersfield to or leave a voicemail on Petersfield 5 55 500.

Do you run a small business? If you have fewer that fifty employees you may be eligible for a grant from East Hampshire District Council, even if you checked earlier in the pandemic and saw that you didn’t qualify.

The council has widened its criteria so more small businesses can apply for the funding. 

EHDC says it will automatically reconsider existing applications that meet the new criteria, and will reopen applications from businesses that may not have qualified before.

We mentioned this earlier in the week but it’s worth reiterating today as there is now just one week left before the window for applications closes on July the fifteenth.

You can see the rules in full at and we’ll put the full link on today’s transcript at

Several Petersfield garages are now conducting MOTs and servicing again – there’s no excuse not to have your vehicle checked and certified.

If your MOT was due between the end of March and the 31st of July, your MOT certificate will be extended by 6 months. However, if your MOT is due on 1 August or later, there will be no such extension so it’s a good idea to get everything sorted now. You can get your MOT up to a month before the due date, and keep the same renewal date.

Garages providing MOT and servicing in Petersfield include White Rose VW, 2UTyres on Bedford Road and Station Road, and Petersfield Garage Services, just off Bedford Road.

Your views on the new parking and traffic restrictions continue to come into us here on Petersfield 5 55 500 or via or on our website.

Eileen says 

“If we all walk on our left that is distancing enough I think.

Now we all have to cross over in the same place at end of orange railings

I feel the virus is being used as an excuse, thus eventually closing all roads in town and making it pedestrian only”

Katrin also has an opinion. She says:

With the 1m + rule surely the distance is less of an issue on our pavements now? If we can sit in a pub across a table from people we can quite comfortably walk past others in the street and there is no need for the extreme actions currently in place.

Let’s be clear what the Government rules are. They say we should all either stay 2m apart or ‘1m plus’ – which means being no more than one metre so long as we have further mitigations in place.  For example, on public transport, we must wear a face covering, because it’s not possible always to stay 2m apart on buses, trains and in taxis.

It’s clear from your comments that there’s still some confusion about these rules and the new traffic and parking measures in Petersfield add further complications.

So in today’s interview lets find out how they’re affecting one of our local businesses.

Antonia Troth runs Madeleine’s Kitchen on Lavant Street.

Good morning Antonia, can we start by asking you what your reaction was to what Rob Mocatta from the Council had to say about the new highway restrictions in Lavant Street.


Let’s look now at how Petersfield is reopening, with news of places around the area that are keen that you know they’re back in business.

Let’s look now at how Petersfield is reopening, with news of places around the area that are keen that you know they’re back in business

The Harrow is reopening this week. To begin they will only open at lunchtimes between 12-3pm with a limited food menu finishing at 2pm. All seating will be outside the pub, in the garden and part of the car park. One remaining space for disabled
Only. There is general parking available in the top field off Harrow Lane. They are also opening from Saturday in the evenings from 6 to 9pm, and serving a limited menu. Great news. There is a one way system in and out of the pub. The usual selection of flowers and plants will be available as always in aid of Macmillan Nurses and the Rosemary foundation. As reported yesterday they have raised £4200.

Ann’s Prams has changed its opening system to Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday for walk in customers, and Friday and Saturdays for appointments only.

The Hidden Kitchen has reopened with outdoor tables only for now. Booking is available on the day.

The British Red Cross shop is now open Mon – Sat, excluding Wednesdays. Due to the large number of Covid clear out donations, it can only accept one sealed bag of donations per person until further notice.

The Watercress Line is getting ready to welcome back customers from this Saturday. You will need to pre-book your tickets by calling 01962 733810 and the team at the Watercress Line looks forward to seeing more customers.

In Liss, the Madhuban Restaurant is open again. Mr Bedar from the restaurant phoned Petersfield 5 55 500 to say it is now fully open for collections and indoor dining with safety measures in place and a kitchen staffed with three chefs and a helper. The full menu is available Tuesday-Sunday from 5-10pm and Friday and Saturday until 10.30pm.

The shop we all know as Frasers on Chapel Street will reopen soon as Hector’s. It will be another independently-owned menswear store.

This is a great , there is a lovely lady, Sue Bruckner, in Moggs Mead who offers free face masks each Friday. She puts a box outside her house and asks you only take what you need so there is plenty for others. Donations to the local food bank is all she asks for.




New Traffic measures are active in Petersfield to help with social distancing. It means the road is closed to traffic between the Square Brewery and Nationwide and many car parking spaces are closed too. There are other restrictions in place so check the signs and stay safe.

South East Water is working on Heath Road to renew pipes. 

The road’s up at the junction of Bedford Road and Frenchmans Road as part of the major electricity resilience project that will rip up roads across Petersfield.

As ever – If we’re not saying what you’re seeing, please let us know – you can reach us on Petersfield 5 55 500 or via email at


Generally a damp and muggy day, mostly cloudy with perhaps some heavy rain first thing and continuing throughout the day with intermittent  light rain or drizzle. Brighter spells developing in the evening. Temperatures 16 – 17 degrees with a gentle westerly  breeze. The outlook is more of the same tomorrow but brightening up towards the weekend.


Exciting news: the latest edition of the P-Pod has been recorded live at The Old Drum! It’s almost like old times – with extra distancing. Claire and Joff chat to Nicki Lahiri from Meon Valley Travel  and if he stops long enough, Dean himself.

There’s all your favourites too: Jon Walker with breaking news from the Post; 60-Second History, Cosh Saves you Dosh, Suzie’s Wilde Walk – plus a recipe exchange at a garden visit where Noni is offered homemade Sodabread.

Any comments, news items or stories, email or call us on 5-55-500 where you can record a message.

Suzie and Harrison are here with you tomorrow, and they’ll be talking to the author of a new book about the history of football – in Petersfield!

But until then, have a great day