The P pod is your weekly magazine programme with the voices and stories of Petersfield people.

This week, presenters Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey – plus producer Dave, who has far too much to say for himself – visit One Tree Books, where they speak with owner Tim O’Kelly. There’s music from former Churcher’s College pupil Alec Murray, suggestions on what to do with a cauliflower … and plenty of laughs too.

Tim O’Kelly, right, invited Claire and Joff into One Tree Books … he was heard to mutter “never again!”

There are also your regular features from Suzie Wilde, Noni Needs, Richard Marks, Helen Adams, Martin Bamford and Alan Cosh, plus regular guest Jon Walker, from the Petersfield Post.

The P pod was recorded at One Tree Books on the evening of Monday, 20 July. It was produced and edited by Dave ‘Far Too Much To Say For Himself’ Bowers, who was ably assisted by Lucy Davies.