Parking is suspended and some barriers are in place but signage is incomplete and there is still none of the free one hour of parking promised in Castle Yard.

Your comments and questions suggest confusion and frustration across the town. So what is going on with Petersfield’s social distancing measures?

Why are the barriers hard up against the curb? What’s happened to the free one hour parking announced last week? Should blue badge holders be concerned?

The county and district councillor who has taken responsibility for the scheme, Robert Mocatta called us to make a statement about the project (you can hear it in this edition of the Morning Report) and he also agreed to answer questions which are put to him on your behalf by Suzie Wilde.

Councillor Rob Mocatta
Councillor Rob Mocatta. [Image]

Councillor Mocatta is a county councillor for Petersfield Butser and a district councillor for Buriton and East Meon.

Following our interview, the barriers which were lining the pavement have been moved to the edge of the parking spaces and yellow ramps have been installed to bridge the curb.

Pushback – the barriers on the High Street this morning.
Lavant Street doesn’t get the yellow ramps