Another show packed with essential local information for Petersfield and its villages.

Laura Sheppard and Stephen Martin also confirm all the local restaurants participating in the Eat Out to Help Out promotion, we discuss the new LED street lights currently appearing in the Rams Hill development and have your vegetables been the target of some very hungry caterpillars? You’re not alone.

You make it shine

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Information transcript

Morning all – Tuesday has arrived and it’s the eleventh of August.
And your Morning Report today is lovingly prepared in an artisan radio bakery by Laura and Stephen.
We do look good in aprons.

Today we confirm all the local restaurants where you can “eat out to help out” as part of the huge national scheme to help the service industry back on its feet.
And I know you have shocking news of a caterpillar attack on your prize broccoli harvest Stephen.
It’s true, and indeed shocking… but first Laura has the proper news.

Good morning.

Hampshire Constabulary says criminals are continuing to take advantage of the NHS Test and Trace Service and we should all be careful with communication that purports to be connected with the test and trace scheme.

The Police have seen phishing emails and texts containing links designed to obtain banking passwords and PINs from members of the public. Maybe you’ve received one yourself.

Officers at the force remind us that NHS Test and Trace will never ask you for financial details, PINs or passwords. They will also never visit your home.

If you receive what you think could be a scam email you can forward it to

If you get a suspicious text to your mobile phone you can forwarding the text to 7726. And if a scam text claims to come from your bank you should also report it to them.

Organisations that run events in the area are being encouraged to contribute to a Petersfield-wide guide, run by Petersfield Community Radio.

The radio service has created an online guide that many local organisations can add to.

Local schools, St Peter’s Church, The Petersfield Community Centre, the museum and local councils have already signed-up to share their events in what the radio service hopes will be a one-stop shop for local what’s on events.

Any event that’s entered into the guide is automatically promoted online and from next week will also be promoted in the new 24 hour radio stream that the community volunteers have been planning.

If you’re connected to organisation in Petersfield or one of the villages that needs to promote its events, then you can find out more about the guide at

And we’ll have more news about that new 24 hour radio service for Petersfield tomorrow morning here on the Morning Report.

Do you or someone you know live on the Rams Hill estate?

Scottish and Southern Electricity is converting the street lights from traditional incandescent bulbs to crisp white LEDs as part of a wider scheme to update street lighting across our area.

The new street lights use less energy than the traditional bulbs, they’re less orangey in colour too and are far more effective at directing the light downwards onto the road.

That’s important here because we live in an officially recognised Dark Skies area.

Lights were installed at the end of May on the Skinners Farm Lane pathway that links the housing development with the lower end of Rams Hill and now the latest LED technology is being deployed across the housing estate.

If you spot a fault with any of the new lights you can report it to SSE. There’s a numbered sticker on each lighting pole which will help you to identify the exact unit that’s at fault.

As the hot weather continues across the Petersfield area, one local Vetinerary practice is warning animal owners of the risks of heat exposure.

Dogs are especially at risk and St Peter’s Vets says you should contact your vet immediately if your pet exhibits any of these signs:

  • Drooling
  • A rapid pulse or heartbeat
  • Excessive lethargy
  • Lack of co-ordination
  • Vomiting or diarrhoea

While panting in hot weather is normal and drooling and a rapid heartbeat can occur in a pet that has been exercising, the vets recommend contacting them if you’re in any doubt about the health of your animal.

Seven lucky winners are celebrating after their numbers were drawn in this week’s East Hampshire Community Lottery.

Two winners are supporters of the Liss Mens Shed – they both matched two numbers in this week’s six-digit line and they win extra tickets in the lottery scheme as a result.

And those winning numbers are: 6 5 6 – 6 2 2. That’s 6 5 6 – 6 2 2.

If you’re among the winners then congratulations from us, and if you play the lottery you can choose Petersfield Community Radio as your local good cause to support.

Laura and Stephen chat about LED street lights and caterpillars

If you’re inspired by a very hungry caterpillar, today we confirm all the local restaurants taking part in the national scheme.
It means you get up to £10 off your meal, that’s £10 per head.

Alcohol is excluded and the scheme only operates on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays – so tonight perhaps?
Here’s the list:

The Good Intent on College Street

Fez Restaurant, Chapel Street

Petersfield Kebab House, Chapel Street

Paradise Restaurant, Lavant Street

One Tree Books Cafe, Lavant Street

The Folly Wine Bar, College Street

Drink & Snack Limited. Chapel Street

The Townhouse, High Street

Gallery No 30, High Street

La Piazzetta, The Square

The Natural Food Deli, Dragon Street

Cafe Mezzo, High Street

Josies. St Peters Road

The Malabon, Dragon Street

Lemongrass, Dragon Street

The Queens Head, Sheet

The Half Moon, Sheet

McDonald’s, by the A3 on Winchester Road

Hillier Garden Centre in Liss

The Tea Barn at Durleighmarsh

Alexandras Kitchen, also at Durleighmarsh Farm

Shah Manzil, Station Road in Liss

The Turtle Bean Cafe in Liss

The Jolly Drover at Hill Brow

The Whistle Stop also on Hill Brow

The Madhuban, Station Road, Liss

The Spread Eagle, Farnham Road, Liss

The Temple Inn, Forest Road in Liss

The White Hart, South Harting

The No Name, Priors Dean

The Izaak Walton in East Meon

Ye Olde George Inn, East Meon

There are drainage repairs along Station Road in Petersfield for the next few days. Keep an eye open for the traffic control measures there.
Scottish and Southern Energy are inching their way through the town as they put in the ducting and cables that will keep us connected. Currently they’re at the corner of Chapel Street and Swan Street, but the road’s closed there anyway so no reason to try getting through.
On the High Street where the barriers are, contractors are adding Tiger Mulch to make life easier for your tiger feet.
And there are roadworks between East and West Meon, on Harroway Lane, in Ramsdean; and on the Winchester Road in Bordean.

…and If we’re not saying what you’re seeing, please let us know – you can reach us on Petersfield 5 55 500 or via email,

Another scorcher across the Petersphere and we have a yellow thunderstorm warning in place with a small risk of localised flooding if we get hit – the storm clouds could bubble up just about anywhere, according to the Met Office..
Otherwise it’s high temperatures, high pollen, high humidity and high UV.
Temperatures up to 32 degrees today with light winds from the South.
And the outlook for the rest of the week suggests slightly lower temperatures and fresher conditions once those storms have blown through.

Tomorrow our guest is Ushi Braun. Ushi is an expert in all kinds of homeopathic and reflexology treatments, working with the centre for complementary medicine on Lavant Street. So do join us tomorrow to hear how life during Covid-19 has changed the way these treatments can be offered.

Also tomorrow, we have a big announcement to make about this very radio project. You’ll know already that we’ve been working on a brand new 24 hour radio service for Petersfield. Well, tomorrow, finally, we can share details of what you’ll hear, who’ll be on it, what it will be called and how you can tune in.

The only thing we can say for now is that we couldn’t have done it without you, because this is radio made by the whole community – you make it special, you make it happen and you make it shine.

So Petersfield’s new radio station – all the details right here tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, do get in touch if you’d like to. Call Petersfield 5 55 500 or email to share what’s on your mind. We’re also on the popular social media apps.

Have a great day… and watch out for the caterpillars.