Good morning – Dave Bowers and Alan Cosh are here on international youth day (cough) with your Morning Report of essential local information.

Today we hear from Uschi Braun of the Centre for Complementary Medicine on Lavant Street about life since lockdown and we reveal details of our new 24 hour radio service for Petersfield that starts on Saturday.

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Alan Cosh and Dave Bowers

Information transcript

Morning all – Wednesday has arrived and it’s the 12th of August.

And your Morning Report today is presented by Alan and Dave, a first duel for us Alan. Like Petersfield’s Hinge and Bracket

Today we shall be talking to Uschi Braun who is an expert in all kinds of homeopathic and reflexology treatments working with the centre for complementary medicine on Lavant Street.

Now I know, Alan, you have some good tips on how to keep cool at night with this incredible heat wave we’re having.

I do and did you know that today is International Youth Day? A little more about that later. We also have some exciting news ourselves. Dave has the news to start us rolling …

I’m Dave Bowers

Petersfield would be one of the areas to benefit if Hampshire County Council is successful in its request to the government for £3.45m, so it can redesign roads and high streets to support social distancing, assist economic recovery and support people who want to continue walking and cycling more.

This follows a successful bid earlier in the year for nearly £1m that was used to bring in temporary measures to allocate more space to walking and cycling.

If successful, the new cash will be used to make some of these permanent, as well as bringing in improvement to cycle routes – and Petersfield is one of seven areas which have already been prioritised.
Other proposals could see move-able planters brought in, parking spaces replaced with temporary seating, bike racks installed and measures put in place for schools to support more active travel.

People are being urged to be on alert for tick bites, following the diagnosis for the first time in Hampshire and Dorset of a rare illness. Common Tick-borne illnesses mainly affect pets, especially dogs which go into long grass. Public Health England says the risk to the public is ‘very low,’ but it’s important to be ‘tick aware’ when enjoying green spaces this summer.
Tick-borne babesiosis and the encephalitis virus (TBE) reached the UK last year. However, a spokeswoman for PHE, said cases of babesiosis and TBE in England were rare, and the risk of being infected remained ’very low,’ with Lyme’s Disease the most common infection. PHE did warn that ticks are most active between spring and autumn, so it is sensible to take precautions to avoid being bitten when outdoors. And seek medical advice if you feel unwell after a tick bite.

East Hampshire could experience more ‘tropical nights’ as heatwaves become more common, meteorologists have warned.
The Met Office said a warming climate will lead to more heatwaves in the future, with after-dark temperatures in the UK not dropping lower than 20C, which could begin to impact people’s health. A Met Office spokeswoman confirmed four so-called tropical nights have been recorded in the UK so far this year, with three occurring since August 8 and one on June 25. Overnight temperatures on Monday peaked at 21.2C at St James’ Park and Heathrow in London.

Petersfield’s Coronavirus Hub, which has provided the town and surrounding villages a place to find information on the not-for-profit organisations offering assistance has been replaced by a new website: It is a portal for the Petersfield Agencies Working Together and provides listings and contact details for organisations covering all areas from addictions to Youth Services, It is particularly keen to promote organisations whose aims are to improve the Wellbeing of everyone. If you organise a group in our area fill in the form on the site to add your details.

Petersfield will have its own 24-hour dedicated digital radio service when Shine Radio launches on Saturday.

Shine Radio is a leap into internet radio by the team at Petersfield Community Radio, which has been producing podcasts and online audio content for the town for more than 18 months.

It is available on any connected device – including mobile phones, laptops and smart speakers – promises ‘a brighter mix of great music’ along with local information, interviews and a ‘friendly voice’, and is available 24/7 as an online stream at

It is aimed primarily at residents of the Hampshire market town and its surrounding villages, such as Buriton, East Meon, Hawkley, Liss, Rogate and “everything in-between”.

Shine Radio begins broadcasting at midday on Saturday, August 15, with a bright mix of music and local information. Its programmes include the Brighter Minds Quiz, with teacher Ian Crossman, every Saturday and Sunday night, and a book show with author Suzie Wilde.

Visit for more details and to listen from Saturday.

Dave and Alan chat about the heatwave and the new Shine Radio service.

John Welsman talks to Uschi Braun from the Centre for Complementary Medicine in Lavant Street about how she has been affected during the pandemic, and what treatments have started up again.

Not that it affects you or me Dave but today is International Youth Day, and it dates from 1999, when the General Assembly endorsed the recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth that 12 August be declared International Youth Day.

International Youth Day gives an opportunity to celebrate and mainstream young peoples’ voices, actions and initiatives, as well as their meaningful, universal and equitable engagement.

The theme of International Youth Day 2020, “Youth Engagement for Global Action” seeks to highlight the ways in which the engagement of young people at the local, national and global levels is enriching national and multilateral institutions and processes, as well as draw lessons on how their representation and engagement in formal institutional politics can be significantly enhanced.

There are drainage repairs along Station Road in Petersfield for the next few days. Keep an eye open for the traffic control measures there.
Scottish and Southern Energy are inching their way through the town as they put in the ducting and cables that will keep us connected. Currently they’re at the corner of Chapel Street and Swan Street, but the road’s closed there anyway so no reason to try getting through.
On the High Street where the barriers are, contractors are adding Tiger Mulch to make life easier for your tiger feet.
And there are roadworks between East and West Meon, on Harroway Lane, in Ramsdean; and on the Winchester Road in Bordean.

…and If we’re not saying what you’re seeing, please let us know – you can reach us on Petersfield 5 55 500 or via email,


Another hot day across the Petersphere but thunderstorms gathering mid afternoon and a warning in place for localised flooding – the storm clouds could bubble up just about anywhere, according to the Met Office..
Otherwise it’s high temperatures, high pollen, high humidity and high UV.
Temperatures up to 30 degrees today with light winds from the South East.
And the outlook for the rest of the week suggests slightly lower temperatures and fresher conditions once those storms have blown through.

And a reminder of today’s biggest news: It’s Petersfield Shine Radio.

Who makes it shine? You make it shine. The volunteer team at Petersfield Community Radio is drawn from across the local community. It’s the same people who bring you the P pod and the Morning Report of essential local information.

We also partner with four local schools, the Petersfield Post and Petersfield Museum.

What will I hear on Petersfield’s Shine Radio?

A brighter mix of great music and local information. Only Shine Radio will broadcast the voices and stories of Petersfield people, amplify the creativity in our town and help to connect the community with trusted local information 24 hours a day.

The Morning Report, in its current format, will end on Friday – but a revamped version will feature in the breakfast show every weekday.

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Have a great day… slap on the suntan and keep your sou-westers handy..