Alan Cosh and Dave Bowers bring you today’s essential local information for Petersfield and its villages.

Today we report on the serious crash that happened in Petersfield yesterday, and it’s a big day for the outdoor swimming pool.

Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool – wet again

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Information transcript

Good Morning it’s Wednesday the 19th of August and this is your Morning Report of essential local information for Petersfield and its villages.

I’m Alan Cosh, and Dave Bowers has all the latest Petersfield stories for you next, after this summary of this morning’s national and world news.

A man is in hospital with serious leg injuries this morning after an accident on one of Petersfield’s most important entry roads.

The A3 link road was closed for much of yesterday while emergency services and the Highways Agency dealt with the accident, as Stephen Martin reports from the scene:

The crash between a Norse South East refuse lorry leaving Petersfield for the Meon Valley, and a smaller blue van, left the road here closed for more than nine hours.

Fire, Ambulance and Police attended and closed the road in both directions between the A3 junction and the Shear Hill roundabout where I’m standing now.

Police say they were called to a report of a collision involving a van and lorry just after seven in the morning and officers attended the scene.

They say one man reported serious leg injuries and was taken to hospital. The road was closed until around early eveningwhile the Highways Agency cleared debris from the collision.

The Norse SE lorry was scheduled to pick-up garden waste in the Lower Farringdon area and East and West Tisted. If you’re in those areas your garden waste will be collected by Saturday.

Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool will be full of water today.

The pool has been slowly filling-up for the last two weeks and today’s the day the water line should reach the top.

Contractors at the site continue to work on the project, with decking and manhole covers still to fit.

The pool has a new surround, new stainless steel rope anchors, skimmers and pool lights while the plant room is also getting an upgrade.

It’s the biggest renovation project in the pool’s 58-year history but the pool will not open this season, after pool trustees decided it wouldn’t be financially viable with social distancing in place.
You can see a picture of the pool, with actual water in it, on our website at

A new document will give developers ‘greater certainty and less wiggle room’ when it comes to providing affordable housing at developments within the South Downs National Park.

The South Downs National Park Authority has adopted the document, which gives detailed, technical guidance on how policies around affordable homes – which are laid out in the local plan – should be implemented.

It is intended as a supplementary document to the local plan, which states any new development with three or more homes should include affordable housing.

According to the supplementary document, the average house sold within the national park costs some 14 times the average salary – which means people struggle to meet the cost of accommodation, and younger people in particular are discouraged from remaining in the area.

Hampshire County Council wants you to take part in an independent national survey on highways and transport.

Residents in our region are being asked for their views on the county council’s range of highways and transport services – from the condition of roads, provision for cyclists and how you feel the council manages utilities’ works on the network.

Hampshire County Council has taken part in the national survey since it began in 2008, one of only 26 highways authorities to do so.

The online survey runs until 30 September. Visit

Consent has been granted for a new footbridge at Liphook Railway Station.

The current bridge is to be removed and will be replaced by one incorporating lifts to provide easy access between platforms for wheelchair users, people with pushchairs and cyclists.

The decision to include lifts at Liphook comes despite reports earlier this year that Network Rail was planning to do without them.

Weather – wet today

Alan and Dave chat about library hours, road safety and defibrilators


Alan: and a look at the roads…

Chapel Street is closed between the bottom of Lavant Street and Swan Street as SSEN continues to put ducting in the ground as part of the huge electricity infrastructure project that continues all year long.

On the Causeway in Petersfield there’s work on the kerbs by Hampshire County Council.

And Network Rail is working on Station Road in Liss.

Dave: … and if we’re not saying what you’re seeing, please let us know – you can reach us on Petersfield 5 55 500 or via email,

Alan: The Morning Report returns again tomorrow, but from Dave and me, for now, cheerio and have a great day.