What is Petersfield’s new radio station?

It’s Petersfield’s Shine Radio.

Who makes it shine?

You make it shine. The volunteer team at Petersfield Community Radio is drawn from across the local community. It’s the same people who bring you the P pod and the Morning Report of essential local information.

We also partner with four local schools, the Petersfield Post and Petersfield Museum.

What will I hear on Petersfield’s Shine Radio?

A brighter mix of great music and local information. Only Shine Radio will broadcast the voices and stories of Petersfield people, amplify the creativity in our town and help to connect the community with trusted local information 24 hours a day.

We’ll also broadcast unique local shows that celebrate the best in Petersfield. For example, the P pod is established as a regular home of local personalities and human stories with Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey, The Brighter Minds Quiz will test your knowledge and light up your Saturday and Sunday nights with quizmaster Ian Crossman and Talking Books will see local author Suzie Wilde share her passion for literature.

Will Petersfield’s Shine Radio broadcast local news?

Yes, building on our work on the P pod and the Morning Report, we aim to be a trusted source of local news and information. We will continue to exchange stories with the Petersfield Post too.

What area does the service cover?

You can listen anywhere but our editorial focus is entirely on the interests of people in the local area. We call this area ‘the Petersphere’ and you can see a map of it here.

What music will I hear on Petersfield’s Shine Radio?

We’ll play a brighter mix of familiar music from the last six decades – playing the songs that shine forever from ABBA, David Bowie, Take That and Madonna, together with the brightest tunes of today from Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Dua Lipa.

We’ll also celebrate the work of local unsigned musicians from around the Petersphere in The Local Showcase and we’re open to you if you want to share your musical talent.

How can I listen to Petersfield’s Shine Radio?

On any connected device. If you have a phone, tablet or computer you’ll find us at https://petersfieldradio.uk

On an Amazon Echo smart speaker use the Shine Radio Alexa Skill to “Play Shine Radio”

We’re also on the main radio apps including TuneIn, myTuner and Streema – just search Petersfield

Is Shine Radio only online?

Yes – in the same way as Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and Google are “only online”. It doesn’t appear to have done them any harm.

Will Petersfield’s Shine Radio be available on my DAB or FM radio?

Not yet but you can support our campaign for a broadcast outlet. If you make a donation you’ll help us be ready when the regulator Ofcom licenses local broadcasts for this area.

Why Shine Radio?

Our volunteer team chose our name as a bright and radiant focus of everything we do.

We have a sunny outlook, our project attracts the brightest ideas and our reporting shines a light on local life as we share the voices and stories of Petersfield people.

With its strengths in community theatre, music and schools performance, Petersfield is a town that’s never shy of the spotlight and now our very own radio station is a new place for local talent to shine.

Will it be any good?

We know that most radio listeners are quite happy with their existing choice of radio station.

Petersfield’s Shine Radio will offer something not available elsewhere to attract you, and we’ll do our best to sound bright and attractive to keep you tuned in.

We’ve drawn on media expertise from within our volunteer team and invested in advanced broadcasting technology to ensure we have every chance of making it sound great.

Above all, the more you contribute the better it will be. Get involved because it’s community radio and you make it shine.

Who are the presenters?

Our presenters represent the people of Petersfield. Young voices like Meg Allin and Sacha Fairweather will appear alongside programmes hosted by more longstanding and accomplished members of the community such as Alan Cosh and Dave Williams.

Familiar voices from the Morning Report including Laura Sheppard, Emily Watts, Harrison RB and Noni Needs will also present shows.

Petersfield school teacher Ian Crossman will present The Brighter Minds Quiz every Saturday and Sunday evenings and local author Suzie Wilde will present Talking Books with Tim O’Kelly of One Tree Books.

Every week James Robbins will take a look at the the local sports action and meet Petersfield sports personalities.

Will the podcasts you make continue?

Yes. Our speech programmes will continue to be available on demand via this website and via all the popular podcast apps including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Pocketcasts.

Just search Petersfield on your favourite podcast app.

Can I join your team?

Yes. We welcome volunteers from all walks of local life. Sign-up at https://petersfieldradio.uk

May I advertise my business on Petersfield’s Shine Radio?

Thanks for asking. Yes you may. We’re big supporters of local business and welcome advertising and sponsorship from any organisation that needs to increase awareness and sales in the local area.

Our sponsorship packages start from just £50 per month. Email team@petersfieldradio.uk or call 01730 555 500 and we’ll find a great way to help you grow.

How do I promote an event on Shine Radio?

It’s free for any non-profit organisation. Our events guide is heard on the radio station, in our weekly podcast the P pod and is also online.

If you run lots of events we can even arrange a login to our events database so you can enter the information exactly as you want it.