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As the Secrets of the Heath event begins online, we discuss lizards and we cheer-on the local children who compete in Britain’s Got Talent this weekend.

All that plus James Robbins has your preview of the local weekend sports action and Kate Fairweather takes a look at our local weather prospects. 

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Information transcript

An agreement between local councils means people who live in West Sussex can use Petersfield’s Household Waste Recycling Centre free of charge.

Harrison RB has more:

Hampshire County Council had told people outside the county they’d have to pay £5 every time they used the facility.
But the new agreement means people in Southbourne, Westbourne, Nutbourne, Nyewood, South and East Harting can have free use of the Petersfield centre on Bedford Road after the county council agreed to contribute to the running costs.
If you live in West Sussex you should register your car and book a slot online.
The agreement covers household waste only. People in West Sussex with commercial vehicles like a van or a trailer will have to find a site in their own county.

Do you use a wheelchair, mobility scooter or pushchair? Or do you cycle, scoot or walk around the local area?

If so, you could help to improve facilities and shape new walking and cycling schemes planned by Hampshire County Council.

The council has opened what it calls an “Active Travel survey” and wants to know about how you travel locally for pleasure and for day-to-day journeys like getting to work or the shops.

You can also send-in photographs of areas that work for you, and those you feel could be improved.

The survey is relevant to you if you use any form of transport that’s not powered by an engine.

To take part, email insight@hants.gov.uk

Councillors were meeting last night to decide what to do with a prominent corner of East Meon where a historic house was demolished without permission.

The house, in The Square, was due to be renovated, but a statement for the applicant says a combination of storms Brendan, Jorge (whore hey) and Ciara, gave grave cause for concern about the stability of the retained walls. So they were pulled down.

The demolished house at 2 to 3 The Square, in the centre of East Meon, was believed to be around one 150 years old.

The planning committee of the South Downs National Park Authority said any replacement building would not make an equal contribution to the character and appearance of the East Meon Conservation Area as had the original building.

However, it has recommended the application for a replacement house should be approved. The planners say leaving the site empty or the potential of an alternative building design would likely have a greater medium and long-term impact on the East Meon Conservation Area.

A local choir will appear on the semi final of Britain’s Got Talent tomorrow.

The thirty-piece choir is called SOS For the Kids and is based in Liss.

They sing about environmental themes and include children aged between 4 and 16 years old.

In May the singing youngsters gave their first performance on the television show and received a standing ovation.

Tomorrow, the group will sing a song written by 12 year old Sim Macaulay and his mum Dorry, called “Stand As One”.

Sim and Dorry told Shine Radio’s Claire Vennis it all started at home:

IN: “First, my Mum…”
DUR: 28”
OUT: “…but we did it”

The choir would appreciate votes from across the Petersphere as they bid for a place in the final.

Look out for The Ten Performing Lions in Petersfield town centre tomorrow.

Petersfield Lions is aiming to raise funds for local charities by holding what it calls a Ten Lions challenge.

It means Lions Club members will take on a range of personal challenges and the group is asking for your sponsorship.

The Lions members plan to be outside Lloyds Bank from 9am until 1pm tomorrow and you’ll be able to witness some of the 10 performing lions as they face their challenges right there.

The voluntary group says the pandemic has hit its regular fund raising so will be welcoming donations on the day or via its Go Fund Me page. We’ll put the link at petersfieldradio.uk



Windor Road is closed in Petersfield as SSEN adds ducting for its new electricity connection between Petersfield and Fernhurst.

Once connected, they’ll run at 33 Kilovolts – and that’s detail you won’t find on any other travel report.

Social distancing measures remain in place across Petersfield – it’s access, bikes and buses only between the Square and Chapel Street and parking is suspended still on the High Street and in The Square.

South East Water is working on the Causeway near the Rivers estate, and in Sheet they’re fixing a leaky stopcock on Mill Lane.

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