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Good Morning – and welcome to a new week in the Petersphere!

It’s Monday the seventh of September and I’m Harrison RB.

James Birdseye has today’s local news and James Robbins will bring you Petersfield’s sport update shortly – enough James for you? Straight after the latest from across the UK and around the world.

As COVID-19 cases rise nationwide, the latest figures show there are 548 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in East Hampshire with a rate of 448 per 100,000 of the local population.

Four of those cases were added in yesterday’s update.

Anyone who has a new persistent cough or fever should contact 119 or visit gov.uk forward slash coronavirus to book a test. An individual with symptoms should self-isolate for 10 days, whilst the rest of your household must self-isolate for 14 days and should not leave home except to get tested.


Do you use a wheelchair, mobility scooter or pushchair? Or do you cycle, scoot or walk around the local area?

If so, you could help to improve facilities and shape new walking and cycling schemes planned by Hampshire County Council.

The council has opened what it calls an “Active Travel survey” and wants to know about how you travel locally for pleasure and for day-to-day journeys like getting to work or the shops.

You can also send-in photographs of areas that work for you, and those you feel could be improved.

The survey is relevant to you if you use any form of transport that’s not powered by an engine.

To take part, email insight@hants.gov.uk

An historic local building that was demolished without permission will be replaced.

Councillors have approved building plans in a prominent corner of East Meon where the 150 year old house was torn down.

The demolished house, in The Square, was due to be renovated, but the owners said they pulled down the walls after winter storms made them concerned about the stability of the structure.

East Hampshire councillors said they had little choice but to approve the new building even though planners said it wouldn’t make-up for the loss of character caused by the demolition.

Councillor Anthony Williams echoed the views of many on the committee:

IN: “East Meon is..”
DUR: 26”
OUT: “…made aware”

The BBC were at Petersfield Farmers Market yesterday, filming for an upcoming episode of an agricultural series.

Film crews were seen wandering around the Square during the morning, talking to stall-holders and recording footage for The Farmers’ Country Showdown.

Signage around the Square advised that members of the public may be caught in footage which could be used for promotion and broadcast of the programme worldwide in all media.

Producer Endemol Shine’s contributor privacy notice gives details of how individuals’ information will be processed if they are filmed and identifiable. It can be found on their website.


It’s been a record breaking weekend of local winners in the East Hampshire community lottery.

No fewer than ten local people are celebrating today after matching numbers in the weekly draw.
This week’s winning numbers are 6 – 8 – 9 – 0 – 2 – 0

This is the first time so many people from our area have been successful in a single week.

Two local winners matched 3 numbers and won £25 each. The others matched

2 numbers and won extra tickets.

The East Hampshire Community Lottery raises money for local good causes. For example, you can nominate Petersfield’s Shine Radio to receive 50 pence for every ticket you buy.


Windor Road remains closed in Petersfield as SSEN puts ducting in the ground for the new electricity connection between Petersfield and Fernhurst.

Social distancing measures remain in place across Petersfield – cycles and buses only between the Square and Chapel Street, and parking is suspended still on the High Street and in The Square.

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