Captain James Birdseye (he’s a medic, not a captain) and Alan Cosh (he is a sailor) are here and it’s the day of the school holidays for many.

We hear from TPS principal, Mark Marande. Plus James’s daughter suffers an appendicitis so he’s stuck in Taunton, and Alan considers how our children and grandchildren think about climate change.

All that, plus your essential local information for today in Petersfield’s Morning Report.

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Information transcript

Good Morning. It’s Wednesday the second of September. I am Alan Cosh. It’s the last day of the school holidays for many, with students going back into TPS tomorrow. We’ll hear from the Principal Mark Marande in the local news with James Birdseye, after our morning update of national and world stories.

Petersfield’s Local News

I’m James Birdseye at Petersfield’s Shine Radio.

Petersfield Schools are getting ready for the Autumn Term.

TPS opens its doors to students tomorrow and its Principal, Mark Marande [Muh-RAND] says parents can help them come prepared:

IN: “Definitely a packed lunch…”
DUR: 30”
OUT: “…how to do that”

Mark also says wants to see a later schedule for GCSEs next summer

IN: “So there are…”
DUR: 25”
OUT: “I would be in favour of that”

You can hear the full length interview with the Principal at

People who live in Steep are encouraged to help decide what happens to a key piece of land in the centre of the village.

A parcel of land next to the Village Hall is assigned for development under the Local Plan, but one fifth of the site will be retained for public open space under rules set out by South Downs National Park Authority.

The site is owned by two local charities – the Steep War Memorial Village Club and Steep In Need. They expect to launch consultations later this month and the Parish Council also is seeking the views of local residents.

If you’d like to have a say on where the public open space should be on the development, what should go into it and who should own it you can post a response through the door of number 11 Church Road or email

The Parish Council consultation closes on the fourteenth of September.

The planned development of a waste plant that serves the Petersfield area is being opposed by an environmental group.

The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England says it has submitted a detailed response to Hampshire County Council on the proposed development of the Veolia Energy Recovery Facility between Alton and Bentley.

The campaigning group believes the benefits of the proposed development do not outweigh what it calls significant adverse impacts on the landscape, environment and local communities, and that the planning application should be refused.

The CPRE says that any plant like the one proposed should be located in an industrial area and wants the countryside next to the existing centre to be officially classified as Valued Landscape which will help to protect it.

The site owners say a new plant would generate enough electricity to power 75 thousand homes from waste that cannot be recycled.

People in Petersfield have been amused and intrigued by a series of messages written in chalk around the town centre.

The messages all take an environmental theme and appeared after a protest by members of Petersfield Extinction Rebellion in the Square on Sunday.

One chalk message says thank you to a tree for providing oxygen while another is written by a drain and claims “the ocean starts here”.

Activist Melanie Oxley told us Extinction Rebellion wants us to think about much shorter environmental timetables:

IN: “East Hampshire…”
DUR: 26”
OUT: “…ten years”

Don’t get caught out with changed bin collection days this week.

Right across Petersfield and the villages, everything is happening one day later than usual because of the bank holiday.

It means if you normally get your bin emptied today you shouldn’t push it to the kerbside until tonight so it’s ready by 7am when the collection team starts work.

If your bins are usually emptied on a Friday, there will be special Saturday rounds happening this weekend.


Nicest this morning, says Kate.


SSEN continues its trench warfare across Petersfield – the battleline is now drawn along Windsor Road but you can now get into the Waitrose Car Park via Chapel Street and Park Road once more —– so the hummus rationing is over.

There’s resurfacing work at the top of Stoner Hill near the Trooper in Froxfield.

Compton Down Road is closed so West Sussex County Council can take out out trees that have Ash Dieback
In Liss there’s traffic control on Andlers Ash Road.

Later this week, developers will be working at the junction of Princes Road and Winchester Road as they install a new pedestrian crossing and traffic lights there.

And if you live on Larcombe Road – it’s due to be resurfaced in the next few days.

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