A debate about noisy and sometimes speeding motorbikes on our local roads, and television’s Nick Knowles has been in Petersfield to film a new BBC series.

Laura Sheppard and Noni Needs have all today’s essential local information, with weather from Lucy Davies.

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Information transcript

Local news

Councillors have taken complaints about fast and noisy motorbikes to a local MP.

A wave of complaints about noisy and sometimes speeding bikes has been received by local councillors from people who find it too much.

They held a meeting with East Hampshire MP Damian Hinds to raise the issue.

Councillor Nick Drew says the complaints are about both noise pollution and safety.

IN: “Yes, it was..”
DUR: 30”
OUT: “…was surprising to me”

And you can hear more from Councillor Drew later this week at petersfieldradio.uk

Television’s Nick Knowles was filming in Petersfield yesterday for a new series.

The presenter was recording for a show called Close Calls: On Camera in which members of the public have lucky escapes from everyday events that became near-disasters.

The production company that makes the show is based in Southampton and its team in Petersfield yesterday told us they chose our town for its range of attractive backdrops, so expect to see some familiar places when the programme is broadcast.

Nick Knowles and his team filmed in the town centre and also atop Butser Hill.

Close Calls: One Camera will be broadcast on BBC One starting next Monday.

The army’s Longmoor Training Area is closed to the public until Friday.

The Army is conducting increased military activity on its defence training estate between those dates and has enacted Military Lands Bylaws to close the land.

If you like to walk your dog at Longmoor it’s best to stay well away during these dates because of the sudden noise of firing.

There will be range firing throughout the closure period including late night firing on Thursday and Friday.

The Army says that if you ever see red flags or red lights hoisted on any military land there will be a risk to life and you must not enter at any time

The South Downs National Park Authority is asking the Government to change how Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks are paid for.

Currently the South Downs National Park is awarded funding each year, giving those in charge little certainty over the fate of long-term nature restoration projects.

And CEO Trevor Beattie has been quoted in the i newspaper as saying that Landscape and biodiversity changes don’t happen overnight. He says it’s a long-term process that needs long-term security of funding.

His comments came as conservation groups warned that the UK Government must back up the PM’s pledge to increase the amount of land protected for nature, with more funding and support to drive nature restoration.

At a virtual UN summit on biodiversity, Boris Johnson announced the UK would protect at least 30 per cent of UK land for nature by 2030.

Thieves are stealing catalytic converters from cars in our area.

East Hampshire Police has issued advice to help you prevent these thefts. They say you’re particularly at risk if your vehicle has a high chassis. Hybrid vehicles are also targeted.

It’s the valuable metals inside a catalytic converter that make them so attractive to criminals.

To keep yours safe, ask your car dealer for advice on locks, cages or guards that are approved by the vehicle manufacturer.

The Police also say:

  • Park your car in a locked garage where possible, and if this isn’t an option for you, then leave it in a well-lit area.
  • Park alongside other cars in car parks and face your bonnet towards a wall if you can.
  • Avoid parking half on the pavement, which makes the underside of your vehicle more accessible.
  • And if your catalytic converter is ‘bolted on’ you can have the bolts welded shut.
  • Again, your vehicle dealer will have specialist advice for your choice of car.
  • And… if you see someone acting suspiciously under a vehicle, report it to the police.

Travel news

Hampshire County Council is continuing work at the Station Road/Oaklands Road junction as well as the Causeway/Cranford Road junction. 

And as we are very used to now – traffic restrictions and closed parking bays remain a fixture in The Square and along the High Street.

There are traffic control measures in place where a pedestrian crossing will be installed by Hampshire County Council on the WInchester Road/Princes Road junction. The junction’s complete now, but the crossing is yet to be installed.

SSEN is making progress on the old A3 with its new cable ducting work. The digging is moving along London Road in Sheet, between Rogate Road and Elmers MArsh Lane and on Fernhurst Road in Milland.There are also works taking place in Exton and East Meon whilst Hampshire County Council carry out repairs.

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