Feeling blue?  Shine Radio presenter Alan Cosh will cheer you up.

Coshie creates a cobalt blue cocktail for fellow presenters Kate and Noni, to toast their meeting face to face for the very first time. They had worked together for months as virtual volunteer presenters for Shine Radio, but never actually met in real life because of the pandemic – until October!

This feature was recorded just before the latest lockdown measures.

Pre-cocktail chat from Alan, who wields the vodka bottle like a pro

Such elegant lemon slicing! And not a pip in sight by the time Alan had finished with these.

Alan’s Vanilla Sky

No measures here – Alan does it all by eye. 

  • 1 part vodka
  • 1 part Malibu
  • A splash of Bols Curaçao for colour 
  • Elderflower presse

Pour equal parts of vodka and Malibu into a cocktail glass. Add a splash of blue Curaçao for that distinctive blue colour.

Top up with Elderflower Presse. If you have none in the house, you can improvise with elderflower cordial and soda.

Garnish with thinly sliced lemon with absolutely NO pips!

Although this version had a cube of ice, Alan reports that he had it originally with crushed ice. So if you have crushed ice – or could use a blender, you could reproduce the original “blue slush puppie” that he tasted in Turkey.

True blue: a taste of the Turkish Riviera in Coshie’s kitchen

Get in touch!

Do you mix a mean cocktail and have a story to tell? Get in touch yourself, or nominate a friend to share Cocktails with Kate from 6 o’clock on Fridays.  We might have to record remotely during lockdown, but we’ll work something out! Email team@shineradio.uk