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Local news, weather, travel and the reaction Dave received when he crashed a model plane into Butser Hill.

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Local news

A Portsmouth man who came to Petersfield and stole food from Tesco has been sentenced by Magistrates.

Thirty year old Joseph Pedelty from the Landport area of Portsmouth admitted jointly stealing groceries from our town’s Tesco store that were worth more than one hundred and eight pounds.

The theft took place in April. Now Magistrates have imposed an 18-month conditional discharge and compensation of one hundred and nine pounds and twenty six pence.

Mr Pedelty must also pay a twenty two pound surcharge and costs of eighty five pounds.

Councillors meet tonight to decide whether local taxi fares should go up this Christmas.

East Hampshire councillors will agree whether fares on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve should be 50% more expensive.

Rates are already set higher in Havant and some taxi firms in our area believe elevated fares would attract more drivers to work on those evenings.

But driver Barry Winter says it wouldn’t make any difference to him.

A Petersfield shop owner is nominated for a national prize.

Helen Kettle runs Butterflies Lingerie in Pages Court and is up against five other women business leaders from across the UK in the 2020 Women’s Business Awards.

Helen is nominated for a prize that’s given to someone who has overcome great adversary or obstacles in their business. 

The organisers say this has been a tough year for many and they want to recognise one businesswoman for their hard work, grit and determination.

The winner will be announced on the tenth of December and you can vote online now. We’ll put a link to the awards at petersfieldradio.uk 

Lonely and isolated people in Petersfield won’t go without Christmas lunch this year.

That’s the hope of the Petersfield Churches and Age Concern who are working together with Churcher’s College to provide hot Christmas lunches to those who need them most.

Harrison RB has more:

Agencies around the town are working to identify the most needy recipients in our area before the meals are distributed on the twenty first of December and on Christmas Day.

In previous years, a Christmas Lunch has been organised at the Community Centre but Covid concerns have led organisers to plan a delivery service this year.

The volunteer teams say they may be looking for drivers to help deliver the dinners.

Local students who attend Chichester University have been issued COVID-19 guidance to get them safely home for Christmas

Chichester University Vice Chancellor Jane Longmore has written to all students ahead of Christmas to help them get home in time for the seasonal break, as the government weighs plans to organise COVID-safe travel post-lockdown

Claire Vennis has the details:

The message to students says that If you wish to minimise the chances of having to self-isolate away from your parental home, the Government advice is to travel home as soon after the 8th as possible.

Students are being offered the choice to remain at the University or go home as soon as possible after that date.

They’re warned that if they stay at university after 9 December they run the risk of having to undertake a period of isolation of up to 14 days at university.

That would kick-in if they contracted Coronavirus (COVID-19) or were identified as a contact of someone who had. It would mean they might not be able to travel home for the holidays.

Travel news

Ram’s Hill is the place to avoid. The electricity project is moving about thirty metres a day closer to town. There are three way lights now in place at the junction of Kingsfernsden Lane and Churcher’s College has asked parents to avoid dropping off children close to the school as the digging moves towards the main school gates.

There are temporary obstructions on the footpath in Bedford Road, that’s by the electricity substation.

On Prince’s Road, delays are possible, as multi-way traffic controls are in place, while roadworks continue to create a new signal controlled junction. 

In Nyewood, West Sussex council plans patching work on Furze Meadow.

South East Water will be working on Winchester Road in Langrish to renew a “washout pit”. That’s by Langrish Lodge.

..and there is minor work taking place around Petersfield over the next few days in Winton Road, Tilmore Gardens, Sussex Road, Pulens Crescent and Torberry Drive.

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Tomorrow we’ll cover the weekend railway disruption in full detail. Buses are involved – you have been warned!