In this month’s edition of Sports Chat, host Dave Bowers is joined, once again, by Shine Radio’s sports editor, James Robbins, and ‘Victorian Dad’, comedian Alistair Barrie.

Alistair revels in Southampton’s brief flirtation with the top of the Premier League, while the two Pompey fans console themselves with a narrow FA Cup first-round success. The guys also discuss rugby union – well two of them do – and the US election. As always, there are also plenty of laughs.

Comedian Alistair Barrie looks up at the top of the Premier League …

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“No one does righteous indignation with the same brio as Barrie, an inheritor of the splenetic mantle of the great 80s’ alternative comedians”
The Guardian

Sports Chat was recorded on Monday, 9 November, which may explain why some of the references have dated (quickly!)