Shine Radio presenter Dave Williams rustles up a warming winter cocktail this week in his front garden.

The Williams family’s favourite cocktail was first tasted around Christmas time a few years back and is wonderfully simple, using just three ingredients.

Dave Williams with wife Sue and his mother-in-law in front of the Christmas tree – resplendent with a Christmas train set!

Here are two of the ingredients: listen to the audio for the third…and as to how it got its name…

An improvised cocktail bar in Dave’s front garden.

The Armadillo

An armadillo – what a great excuse to use a picture of this cute and lovely creature.

Just three ingredients in this cocktail, says Dave.

1 part Disaronno, or other amaretto liqueur

1 part whisky (any will do!)

2 parts orange juice (without bits)

Just pour into a tumber, mix and serve. Dave reckons no ice is necessary.


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