Claire Vennis and Joff Lacey are back with more joyous conversation and the cream of Petersfield’s personalities and their real human stories.

We’re continuing our February P pods with positive things you can do and as we head towards Spring it’s the perfect time to think about spending time in the garden. Steve Amos from the Adhurst Estate Allotments brings growing inspiration, whether you have an allotment, a garden or a window sill.

Acclaimed portrait photographer Michael Clement talks about a photographic documentary project he embarked on in lockdown – and it’s at a location near you!

Ryan Watts from the Petersfield Museum returns with a new 60 Second History series, Laura Sheppard finds out about last week’s NHS fundraiser, Jon Walker brings the latest local news and Suzie’s Wilde Walk starts off with a rumpus.

This week’s P pod ends with the blues as Waterlooville-based singer Hannah Reem sings her song ‘Foolish Pride’.

It’s all in this week’s edition of the P pod with Claire and Joff.

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